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Fr. Edmund Donkor-Baine found not guilty

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Rasmussen poll: Johnson, 53%, Feingold, 46%

Ron Kind said to require campaign cash to meet with doctors concerned about Obamacare

MN DFL State Committee attack on priests! "Ignore the Poor"

Cardinal Burke recieving new priest's blessing

Donkor-Baine jury selection begins today

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OK, let's get our chairs and gather around in a circle folks

This day is call'd the feast of Crispian!

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Pelvic Thrust Jesus

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La Crosse St Joseph's Cathedral interior - 1893

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Money isn't the only motivator

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"The Colbert Report chaplain" to speak today at Mount Mary College

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Consistory Pilgrimage sponsored by Diocese of La Crosse

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Farm boy from Richland Center to become Cardinal Nov 20