Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Bp. Hying works with Spirit Juice, new prod. company on videos on Catholicism

Bishop Donald Hying, the auxiliary bishop of Milwaukee, together with the Archdiocesan Communications Office, had put together a series of videos for the Year of Faith as a means of evangelization. The videos, called C4: Ignite Your Catholic Faith, (C4 stands for Christ and the Catechism of the Catholic Church) were 2-3 minutes in length, and were distributed weekly as a means to share the wisdom of the Church and to evangelize to those on the margins of the faith. The videos were met with huge success and reached a global audience. Those videos can be found here.

And now, in conjuction with the newly formed Ahava Productions, Bishop Hying and Erin Berghouse, the artistically talented founder of Ahava Productions, are working to produce a new series of videos, each approximately 10-15 minutes in length, that will take evangelization to a new and beautiful level. The videos will be produced by Spirit Juice Studios in Chicago and will feature cutting edge technology to enhance the content which will be contributed and overseen by Bishop Hying, that seeks to "reinvent the way we evangelize in modern media and to create films that will change lives."
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Yes.... a pretty clear liturgical abuse in the video(glass) but the prospect is intriguing.  

UPDATE: The above video has been updated and no longer has any liturgical hijinx. 


  1. Thanks for sharing this, Matt! The liturgical abuse will be corrected! Ahava Productions and Spirit Juice will remake the video without the glass chalices, and the future videos will be more attuned to using pictures that are only authentically Catholic. Ahava Productions has a great future-please support them and pray for them!

  2. It's great that the abuse is going to be corrected, and I don't blame the filming people for this, who are no doubt working hard and whose hearts are in the right place. The problem is manifold: One, these abuses in liturgy are not just minor issues. Second: they are not relegated to small, isolated incidents. Third: They proliferate like a virus and exist in just about every parish. Fourth, the abuses are enabled and given a pass by the very shepherds who are supposed to be stopping them! That a video meant to catechize the faithful was itself caught in the act of making manifest a liturgical abuse is richly ironic.

    If this is what the archdiocese has in mind when it comes to catechizing, we have some real difficulties. As an aside, this isn't the first time I've seen archdiocesan-made videos presenting liturgies replete with all sorts of aberrations. More proof that the 'council of the media' to quote Pope Benedict, has usurped the actual Second Vatican Council.

    Let's be honest, it's going to come down to savvy lay Catholics who are informed on the Second Vatican Council's actual teachings on liturgy (as found in Sacrosanctum Concilium) to take the bull by the horns and educate their fellow Catholics. Sadly, this is going to have to take place without the support of the leadership of many dioceses, who have been responsible for so much of the confusion we now have to puzzle out.

  3. Great news! Ahava Production has corrected the video and removed the clip with the glass chalices. Please visit the website and watch the revised promotional fundraiser video. And please, support Ahava Productions both spiritually and financially, if you are able. God bless you! http://www.ahavaproductions.com/