Marquette Wire: Archbishop Listecki discusses bankruptcy, Catholic education

The Most Rev. Jerome Listecki, Archbishop of Milwaukee, talked about his archdiocese’s bankruptcy and the future of Catholic education while appearing as a guest Monday for Marquette Law School’s “On the Issues with Mike Gousha.”

Listecki, successor to Archbishop Timothy Dolan, recently celebrated his fifth anniversary leading the archdiocese. He spent an hour discussing his faith, his time in Milwaukee and the future of the church.

One major issue Listecki discussed was his decision to file for bankruptcy amid the clergy sex-abuse scandal back in 2011. The archdiocese filed for bankruptcies after spending at least $33 million in settlements, legal fees and other costs related to the scandal.

“The interesting thing about the Milwaukee bankruptcy is its complexity,” Listecki said. “It’s not like other bankruptcies that have been experienced by dioceses or archdioceses in the country. This bankruptcy was not generated by, what is referred to as, a look-back statute of limitations. This was a bankruptcy that was clarified by myself and I did so because I knew that we had limited resources and we needed to do something to address and bring some closure.”

In terms of Catholic education, Listecki said the future lies in how schools uses their resources to strengthen the presence of Catholic education in the city of Milwaukee.
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No McAdams talk so pretty pedestrian.


  1. No McAdams talk so pretty pedestrian......It figures.....Why should the archbishop speak in defence of a professor who has lost his job speaking up for Catholic teaching? At a "Catholic" university!

  2. This bankruptcy is the face of the ministry of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. How long, O Lord? Is this anyway to reorganize?


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