Cantus - Silent Night

A great group of singers from the the Twin Cities, MN area.  They play tonight in the cities, but I think the roads be a bit to treacherous for that drive from La Crosse. 

Cantus, a nine voice vocal chamber ensemble, is committed to the excellent performance of significant music, both old and newly commissioned. Rehearsing and performing without a conductor or music director, Cantus’ stylistic versatility and eclectic programming have delighted critics and audiences since 1995. Gramophone Magazine has said that "Cantus sings with astonishing perfection of tone and diction," and that "the complexity of the music is fully expressed, the diction is perfect, the emotions alive.” Cantus shares its impeccable singing, engaging stage personality and heartfelt interpretations with audiences across the country as they tour and at home in Minneapolis and St. Paul.


  1. Very GOOD Stuff!

    By the way, one grand-niece of Fr. Gruber (the composer of Stille Nacht) lived in St Paul and was an organist (Catholic) for many years.

    Another grand-niece lived and worked as a church musician in Milwaukee for all her life; the grand-nephew was a successful industrialist here and contributed a LARGE pipe organ to his home parish in Elm Grove.

  2. They are a great group. I just got one of their Christmas CDs, waiting for the other. I'd like to get up to see them one of these years. Matt Curtis from La Crosse(former cantor at Cathedral) sang with them for a while I believe while going to U of M. VERY interesting connections there, thanks!


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