Bp Ricken decides to restore CCHD funding

Bishop David Ricken of Green Bay has announced that he has lifted his moratorium, imposed in 2010, on the Catholic Campaign for Human Development collection in his diocese.

Bishop Ricken had issued the moratorium, he said in a recent statement, because “a few of the organizations that received CCHD funds had acted in conflict with Catholic teaching or had direct connections to coalitions that are not in harmony with Catholic principles of social justice ministry,” and because of “the appearance of partisan political positions taken by some of these organizations.”

“The new application process for grants announced by the USCCB will be much more thorough and will give increased consideration to Catholic social justice entities,” Bishop Ricken says. “According to the guidelines, this application/grant process is first done at the local diocesan level and then proceeds to the national level at the Bishops’ Conference.” 
Catholic Culture

This seems to conflict with last weeks announcement that parishes could no longer belong to pro-abort JOSHUA and ESTER.  Perhaps the assumption is that the USCCB is cutting ties with pro-abortion social "justice" groups.  We all hope that would be the case but had we not had watchdogs outside the USCCB bureaucracy checking this, it would have kept going on indefinitely.

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