Abp. Cupich story on genuflecting

Hopefully he's grown out of the authoritarian style.  This was some time ago, at least 20 years.
In a discussion about Cupich a few months ago, someone wrote,

In his first Mass as our new Pastor in Omaha, Father Cupich publicly chastised our teenage daughter for genuflecting, as was her practice, along with many others in our parish, before receiving the Blessed Sacrament. He said loudly so that all in the communion line could hear: “don’t do that in my church again”.
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Anonymous said...

He emptied out the seminary in Spokane you know.

And I know of at least one solid Catholic priest that he helped cut three out of his six years short from serving as Pastor because the ruthless liberal parishioners despised him.

Bishop Cupich will fit in well in Chicago.