FSCC nuns divided over recent Packers Cardinals game

Sister Martha and her six sisters are all die-hard Cardinals fans, wearing Big Red shirts underneath their habits to show support.

But the organization the sisters belong to, the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity, is based out of Wisconsin. On a Skype call, four sisters in Manitowoc said they have faith in another team.

"I’ve just loved the Packers all my life," said Sister Mariella Erdmann, "and I just think we’re going to win on Sunday. I think if we have a pass rush on the quarterback we’ll be okay."
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Well, not much more to say about to say about the game.  Except maybe this:
Oh those crazy Germans!  What a great play.  I ripped my sweatshirt off and threw it across the bar.  People were scared.  Deal with it, that's a once in a lifetime play(two Hail Marys on the same drive to tie in the playoffs).  But it only made the coinciding blown play that much more devastating.

Seriously though, it looks like Aaron Rodgers will likely have as many Super Bowl victories as his predecessor Brett Favre.  He's 32 years old..... and we know what Ted Thompson thinks of veteran players.  JS has a good breakdown of the Fitzgerald catch.  A series of unfortunate events in the playoffs leave us to wonder what could have been.   The pool of playmakers running thin, are the Packers now trending downward for a time?  Or do we just need to learn how to hit the curveball?

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  1. The Portuguese call is pretty good too... http://www.packers.com/media-center/videos/ESPN_Brazil_announcers_call_Packers_Hail_Mary_TD/dd6dfdd5-115d-41dc-87d4-43f468652c77


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