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Fanatic Friday: So Cantus and Chanticleer walk into a bar Edition

Here's what happens when two of America's premiere male ensembles, Cantus & Chanticleer walk into a bar... #Biebl #Canticleer #Chantus
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St. Stanislaus in Milwaukee shows off new communion rails under construction

As we prepare for 150th Anniversary of St. Stanislaus, we would like to keep you updated on the things to come. Here...
Posted by St. Stanislaus Catholic Church (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) on Monday, February 1, 2016

Pres Lovell prepared to make decision on McAdams academic freedom case at Marquette

I did not see this online on the Marquette Trib, apparently just in print edition?
A decision report regarding tenured political science professor John McAdam’s status at Marquette University was recently sent to University President Michael Lovell.

A Faculty Hearing Committee previously assembled to generate the report to determine if McAdams should be terminated after his role ina widely-publicized controversy.

Bruce Boyden, associate law professor and chair of the committee, confirmed that the report is finished and under Lovell’s consideration. That information was also announced at a University Academic Senate meeting last week.

Lovell will use the report to decide if McAdams will be terminated or continue working at Marquette. The report is not public due to academic statues, but Boyden said it should be available when Lovell makes his final decision.

Cheryl Maranto, the College of Business Administration’s Department of Management chair and University Academic Senate member, said Lovell didn’t provide a timeline that he’ll follow for making his decision.
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Green Bay Cathedral two thirds completed with $3 million restoration campaign

They still have $1 million to raise, but a $3 million restoration campaign is underway at the Catholic Diocese of Green Bay’s Mother Church in the city’s downtown.

St. Francis Xavier Cathedral on Monroe Street has seen renovations outdoors over the past year, including a new roof—which had been leaking— and replaced bricks and refurbished doors, too.

Now the intricate artwork restoration inside is next on the list of long-term fixes, among other things.

“It’s a great treasure. I don’t know if we could even build something like this again,” remarked Fr. Joe Domer, Rector of St. Francis Zavier Cathedral.

High ceilings, stained glass and dramatic, hand-painted architecture and oil-painted murals date as far back as 1881.

“We have five bells and I just learned that if you were to try and purchase bells like the ones we have in our bell towers, it would run $180,000,” said Domer.
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From last month, getting caught up on email

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Update on Cascio Family - pregnant mother of five battling cancer

WSFI 88.5 FM Catholic Radio

On this episode of WSFI Spotlight Bill Snyder, talks with Michelle and Tim Cascio about their journey of faith, devotion to Our Lady of Good Success and Michelle's Pancreatic Cancer diagnosis

This program aired February 2, 2016 on the Feast of Our Lady of Good Success.
Ciara is due March 25 (the Feast of the Annunciation). Recent doctor’s visits confirmed Ciara’s growth is pacing well and her heartbeat is as strong as ever. The other day, Ciara had the hiccups and she puts in her food order early and often with cravings that are hard for Michelle to ignore in the middle of the night.

Michelle’s still recovering from her November surgery and hit a key milestone yesterday – no more pain pills due to the surgery and related incision. She battles exhaustion and manageable pain throughout parts of each day but the doctors say that is to be expected. We’re encouraged by all that we’re learning about forms of treatment that won’t harm our baby and address the underlying cause of Michelle’s pancreatic cancer.
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Prayers and of course offerings if able.

WISN: Milwaukee archbishop to visit placeswhere people put faith into action

MILWAUKEE —Milwaukee's archbishop is putting faith into action after Pope Francis deemed this "the year of mercy."

Tamara Wilder said talking about her life is something she probably wouldn't have done a few years ago.

“I was in a domestic-violence relationship, and I made a decision for myself and my daughter to get out of the relationship, and I left my abuser,” Wilder said.

Wilder is now at Saint Catherine Residence, where low-income women can get safe, affordable housing.

Milwaukee Archbishop Jerome Listecki chose Saint Catherine Residence as the first stop in a series of visits to places where he said people are putting faith into action.

“It's one thing to say, ‘Oh, let's be merciful for a year,’ but it's another thing is how do you enact mercy, how do you practice it, how do you understand it,” Listecki said.
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La Crosse Diocese priest named Associate General Secretary of the USCCB

WASHINGTON—Rev. Msgr. Jeffrey D. Burrill, S.T.L. was appointed Associate General Secretary of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), February 3, where he will serve as administrator of the USCCB's pastoral offices and a member of the executive staff. He is a priest of the Diocese of La Crosse, Wisconsin, where he is pastor of St. Bronislava Church. [Plover, WI] The appointment takes effect March 1.

"Msgr. Burrill brings a unique combination of pastoral skills and leadership experience to complement and strengthen our service to each bishop and to the Conference as a whole," said USCCB General Secretary Msgr. J. Brian Bransfield, who made the appointment.

Serving as pastor at St. Bronislava since 2013, Msgr. Burrill served at the Pontifical North American College in Rome from 2009-2013, first as director of apostolic formation and then as the Carl J. Peter chair of homiletics, formation advisor and director of media relations. He was pastor of the tri-parishes of St. Mary's, Durand, Holy Rosary, Lima, and Sacred Heart of Jesus in Mondovi, Wisconsin, 2001-2009. He taught and served as chaplain at Regis High School and Middle School in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, 1999-2001.
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Consecration of James P. Powers as new bishop of Superior Diocese Feb 18

SUPERIOR – Liturgies related to the ordination of Bishop James P. Powers as the 11th bishop of the Diocese of Superior are open to the public.

Solemn Vespers will be celebrated at 7 p.m., Wednesday, Feb. 17, at the Cathedral of Christ the King, Superior, with a reception to follow in Kress Hall.

Bishop Powers will be ordained at 2 p.m., Thursday, Feb. 18, in the Cathedral of Christ the King, Superior, with a reception to follow.

Both liturgies and receptions are open to the public. However, given the seating capacity of the Cathedral, seating will be available on a first-come, first-served basis with accommodations for overflow viewing of the ordination in Kress Hall.

Planners of these events ask that parishioners notify their parish office if they plan to attend. Parishes will be asked to provide an estimated count by Thursday, Feb. 4, in order that organizers can plan adequately for hospitality.

Those unable to attend the ordination will, due to the generosity of several area businesses and organizations, be able to watch the liturgy live on WDIO-TV, Channels 10/13, the ABC affiliate in Duluth/Superior. The Mass will also be simulcast on EWTN as well as live-streamed at That link will be made available as well on the Diocese of Superior website:

Two schools in the Diocese of Superior are taking advantage of their new eligibility for the state’s private school voucher program.

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Monday, February 1, 2016

Concerned Faculty, Staff Cite Hostility Towards Catholic Values at Marquette

To follow up on Terry's post from Saturday, this was posted at the Cardinal Newman Society.
A group of concerned faculty and staff members at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wis., recently gathered to discuss the University’s dwindling Catholic identity and the increased occurrences of Catholic teaching being discouraged, and even silenced, in University settings.

Participants of the group, Concerned Catholics at MU, wished to remain anonymous, but their meeting minutes were provided to The Cardinal Newman Society, and indicated that approximately 20 staff and faculty members were in attendance.

Last year, Marquette announced that it would conduct a “climate study” to determine the positivity and inclusivity of the University’s atmosphere. The study’s final report cited several concerns about ongoing hostility towards Catholic values: “Many respondents cited their Catholic or conservative values being marginalized, saying ‘Conservative Catholic views on the expression of human sexuality are not respected — not even room for dialogue’ and that ‘There is an ongoing sense of disrespect, anger, and assumptions related to the Catholic identity of our university.’

In response, the administration encouraged the Marquette community to gather in like-minded groups in order to discuss their concerns and propose “action items” for the administration to “pursue in order to improve the climate on campus,” according to a post by John Hardon [McAdams, although it would be great to have Fr. John Hardon on our side...] on the Marquette Warrior, a blog which frequently covers Catholic identity concerns at the University. Concerned Catholics at MU “was one of the largest among these special-constituency climate study forums.”
- See more at:

I've said before, St. Thomas' Catholic Studies program should be a model for the modern secular Catholic University.

Update: Apologies, the post was on MW, but it was a "guest column" by a John Hardon in no relation to Fr. John Hardon, SJ.  

Fr Z starts guest column in the MadCatHerald: The different Rites of the Latin Church

The first in a series by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf about the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite.

“Bishop Morlino did what? What’s that all about?”

You may have seen notices and articles over the last year or so about Bishop Robert C. Morlino celebrating “Pontifical Mass at the Throne in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite.”

It is possible that some of you, seeing “Throne,” and “Pontifical,” and “Extraordinary,” might say “What’s that all about?” as you turn the page.

In a short series over the next few issues of the Catholic Herald, let’s drill into “what that’s all about.”
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