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Another Marquette Philosophy Graduate Student Wants Classroom Discussion Censored

In response you our post on a graduate Marquette Philosophy instructor who said she would not allow discussion of gay marriage in her class because there might be gay students who would be “offended,” another Philosophy graduate student left a post on an online discussion board defending her. It’s instructive as to the ideology that pervades the politically correct precincts of Philosophy at Marquette. We are not naming her because, unlike Abbate, she is not in charge of any class (that we are aware of).

[read the article for the excerpt]

Note the litany of reasons for shutting up discussion.

First, opposition to gay marriage is defined as “heterosexism.” In the world of the politically correct, there are no legitimate arguments against the gay political agenda, but only evil heterosexism. And is banning discussion of gay marriage really “confronting heterosexism.” In some minds, apparently.

Secondly, people who want to speak freely “intend to do violence against others in the classroom, to make the space less inclusive.” Apparently, opposing gay marriage is the same as “doing violence.” Beat up a gay guy, let a gay guy hear you oppose gay marriage? No difference to some people, apparently.
continue at Marquette Warrior

McAdams absolutely nails it.  I wonder if any of the proponents of censorship would actually debate McAdams on the topic (Marquette is still a University, right?).  I'm pretty sure KKK members were offended when black civil rights leaders spoke out against slavery and oppression.  Does that mean that universities should be silenced on the hot button issues of the day?

The topsy-turvy thing about this is that the liberal Catholic colleges of today don't actually debate the issues that separates them from ordinary teachings of the magisterium of the Church, whereas these new Catholic universities who take their Catholic identity seriously take up the topics all the time!  Even public universities are more open to civil debate!!  The good ol' boys of the Land O' Lakes statement (of which I am at least partially sympathetic to) just created a new tyrannical(even in a better sense puritanical) magisterium who snuff out dissent better than any Inquisition ever did.  They have become what they hated and feared the most.

Fun Fact: Did you know the Land O' Lakes statement was named after Land O' Lakes, Wisconsin, where one Fr. Theodore Hesburgh of Notre Dame hosted the infamous 1967 conference?  Notre Dame owns land there which at least now is used for their Environmental Research Center.

Reporter and nine protesters force Bp. Morlino talk at UW-Platteville to change location

Madison Catholic Bishop Robert Morlino halted a public speech Wednesday night at UW-Platteville and switched the venue to a Catholic student center after a reporter in the audience refused to leave.

The bishop's action followed the appearance at the event of nine protesters opposed to his leadership. They demonstrated with signs outside Doudna Hall, the site of the lecture, and some filed into the hall to hear Morlino speak.

During the opening minutes of the talk -- titled "Why Does Evil Exist?" -- Morlino asked that no unauthorized photos be taken or recordings made after hearing the clicks of a camera, said Brent King, a spokesman for the Madison Catholic Diocese, which includes Platteville.

This is not a request Morlino typically makes, King said, but he felt it was necessary because he was aware of people in the audience with an apparent desire to stir up controversy. Also, the reporter in attendance, later identified as Steve Prestegard, editor of the Platteville Journal, was taking photos, which the bishop found distracting, King said.
Read more:

Erickson does a great job on this article.  Definitely go read the rest of the story there.  There's a long, emotional history in Platteville.   I've seen reporters get belligerent at other events; they are an emotional group.  Some say elitist, well maybe, probably more so at the editor level.  I tend to think it's more that they get passionate about stuff and it can make them unreasonable.  The best reporters are those who can find a balance and report with a clear head.  It's not easy, I know.  I have a lot to learn in that regard.

The takeaway for the students attending the event (hint: it's not exactly increasing confidence in the reporting capabilities of the Platteville Journal).
UW-Platteville senior Lucas Klosiewski, 22, secretary of the Catholic student center, said Morlino was right to be wary of the press.

"I think most of the people in the audience were students, and we were there to learn," he said. "The reporter added kind of a negative vibe. It's pretty commonly known that the media can really talk negatively about certain things."
If the Platteville Journal does issue an apology, let me know and I'll post it.  I won't hold my breath though.

So three‬ nuns and a ‪‎Chicago‬ police officer are playing cards...

No really....

Great pic!

Bp. Morlino to speak at Knights of Divine Mercy Dec 5th

His Excellency Bishop Robert Morlino will be with us in December. His talks are always inspiring and a great follow up to our November talk. A Holy Hour will begin at 6:00 pm with confession available. The talk will begin at 7 pm and a pizza and beer social will follow after the talk. Please plan to attend and bring men to see what all the talk is about!
details at Knights of Divine Mercy

Sold!  See you all there.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Fox11: ‘Pope to Green Bay’ organizers remain hopeful

GREEN BAY – A member of the group encouraging Pope Francis to visit Green Bay remains optimistic a visit will happen next year. The pontiff confirmed Monday he will visit Philadelphia next September.

He’ll attend the World Meeting of Families, a conference held every three years in a different city. It will be the first time a pope has visited the United States in more than seven years.

The pope is also expected to visit New York City and Washington, but those plans haven’t been confirmed by Vatican officials.

Earlier this year, an effort was launched to bring the pope to Titletown. An online petition has received more than 4,000 signatures in the past nine months.

A member of the ad hoc committee behind the effort believes it could happen.

"Even though he confirmed Philadelphia, he didn’t confirm other things, so we’re very hopeful still," said Christina Pallini, a spokesperson for the ‘Pope to Green Bay’ group. "This is the only Marian-approved apparition site in the United States."

The Future of Catholic K-12 Education - Conference video

Alan J. Borsuk posted the Marquette University Law School Faculty Blog on yesterday morning's conference there on 'The Future of Catholic K-12 Education: National and Milwaukee Perspectives'.
"In the opening session, Margaret F. Brinig and Nicole Stelle Garnett, both Notre Dame Law School professors, described what they found in researching their 2014 book, Lost Classroom, Lost Community: Catholic Schools’ Importance in Urban America."
Matthew Hennessey reviewed their book at City Journal.
"[Kathleen] Cepelka, the superintendent of schools in the archdiocese, told the full-house audience in the Appellate Courtroom of Eckstein Hall about the strengths of schools in Milwaukee, about positive developments in enrollment, and about the many praiseworthy people and organizations involved in making the schools as good as they are.

"But, she said, the quality of some of the schools isn’t what it needs to be and there are weak levels of achievement among students in some schools. 'We are not satisfied,' she said."

Video of the conference is here.

People Look East! Bishop Conley and His Cathedral Move Ad Orientem for Advent and Christmas

Bishop James Conley of Lincoln, Nebraska has just issued a pastoral column in the diocesan newspaper, The Southern Nebraska Register, explaining the basics of celebrating the Mass ad orientem. His column also reveals a plan for the priests of the cathedral during Advent, and then he himself at midnight Mass on Christmas, to celebrate the Masses ad orientem.

Certainly this is an excellent example of the bishop of a diocese properly claiming his role as the “governor, promoter, and guardian of liturgical life in his diocese.
continue at New Liturgical Movement

also good commentary at One Peter Five

To quote Ron Swanson; Please and thank you!

Not to be a negative ninny, but alot of people don't realize the cathedral in Lincoln looks like this:

The Catholic Photographer: Cathedral of the Risen Christ, Lincoln, NE &emdash; Cathedral of the Risen Christ, Lincoln, NE

I kind of like the windows. Not sure why the sanctuary is so drastically different.
The Catholic Photographer: Cathedral of the Risen Christ, Lincoln, NE &emdash; Cathedral of the Risen Christ, Lincoln, NE

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Tax-free clergy housing safe, federal court rules, dismissing atheists' complaint

via Alliance
via Deseret News:

Thousands of possibly anxious ministers can sleep a bit easier tonight: a federal appeals court panel has tossed a lawsuit challenging a cherished clergy tax break.

While churches have been able to provide tax-free housing to clergy since the beginnings of the federal income tax 100 years ago, it was only in 1954 that Congress enacted a law granting tax exemption for a “parsonage exemption,” where clergy could allocate part of their salary for either mortgage or rent payments and not pay taxes on that income.


Attorney Erik Stanley of the Alliance Defending Freedom said of the housing grant, “The allowance many churches provide to pastors is church money, not government money. It is constitutional and should continue to be respected and protected.”
This was another one of Barbara Crabb's ruling, in case you were wondering about her comprehension of law.

Hope still alive for pope to visit Green Bay

Details on Pope Francis' plan to visit the United States next year are renewing hope of enticing him to put Green Bay on his itinerary.

"Anything is possible," said Christina Pallini, spokeswoman for the Pope to Green Bay Ad Hoc Committee.

Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt established the committee earlier this year after extending an invitation to the pope to come to Green Bay during an expected 2015 visit to the United States.

An online petition drive supporting the mayor's invitation has drawn more than 4,000 signatures.

The pontiff confirmed Monday that he would make his first visit to the United States in September to attend an event in Philadelphia and possibly to visit New York and Washington, D.C.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Some photos of the installation of Archbishop Cupich as Primate of Chicago

Bp. Hying leads Eucharistic Procession to Affiliated Medical Abortion Center in Milwaukee

Photo Credit: Tim Townsend
via Milwaukee - 40 Days for Life
They also posted recently they had eight saves within the last week!

Trinity Academy's Fall Dinner featuring Cdl. Burke "Education: Irreplaceable Way of Cultural Transformation"

Trinity Academy

Maybe, it's been a while since I took a Milwaukee trip.