Friday, April 29, 2016

Fanatic Friday: Minnesota state high school all-hockey hair team edition


The guy posts one each year.  Maybe we should start doing one of these for priest ordinations??

Also: STrib: 'Hockey Hair Team' creator goes with the viral flow (Strib has a link to all the current and previous years).
But the man behind it all keeps his name out of the limelight. Sporting shoulder-length dark hair that flowed under his stocking cap, he spoke with the Star Tribune over breakfast last week under the condition of anonymity, citing business reasons.

“Hockey and hockey hair is sort of our Minnesota super powers,” he said. “They make us different. When you have six months of winter you might as well have something awesome to do.” 

Oscar Hangover Special: Why “Spotlight” Is a Terrible Film

From a couple months ago, but a must read.
I don’t “believe the victims”.

I was in Boston in the Spring of 2002 reporting on the priest scandal, and because I know some of what is untrue, I don’t believe the personal injury lawyers or the Boston Globe’s “Spotlight” team or the Catholic “faithful” who became harpies outside Boston churches, carrying signs with images of Satan, hurling invective at congregants who’d just attended Mass, and at least once – this in my presence – spitting in the face of a person who dared dispute them.

I don’t believe the prosecutors who pursued tainted cases or the therapists who revived junk science or the juries that sided with them or the judges who failed to act justly or the people who made money off any of this.

And I am astonished (though I suppose I shouldn’t be) that, across the past few months, ever since Spotlight hit theaters, otherwise serious left-of-center people have peppered their party conversation with effusions that the film reflects a heroic journalism, the kind we all need more of.

I don’t believe the claims of all who say they are victims – or who prefer the more tough-minded label ‘survivor’ – because ready belief is not part of a journalist’s mental kit, but also because what happened in 2002 makes it difficult to distinguish real claims from fraudulent or opportunistic ones without independent research. What editor Marty Baron and the Globe sparked with their 600 stories and their confidential tip line for grievances was not laudatory journalism but a moral panic, and unfortunately for those who are telling the truth, truth was its casualty.
continue at Counterpunch

It's long, but really a must read.

Paul Ryan at Georgetown: I was wrong to call "poor people" "takers"

Ryan’s one-hour talk April 27 at the Jesuit-run university’s Gaston Hall was billed as an effort to reach out to millennials. Political observers described it as an effort to soften his image in preparation for a 2020 run for the presidency.

The speech came nearly four years to the day after the Wisconsin Republican told a Georgetown audience, “The work I do as a Catholic holding office conforms to the social doctrine as best I can make of it.”

This time around, however, Ryan said nothing about his Catholic beliefs.

“What prompted you to reconsider your previous statements about poor people as takers?” asked Rachel Hirsch, a graduate student.

“I was just wrong,” Ryan replied. “I didn’t mean to give offense. … There are people who get knocked down in life. And to lump an entire category of people in one broad brush is wrong, I think.”
continue at Crux

WaPo has an extended quote:
“There was a time that I would talk about a difference between ‘makers’ and ‘takers’ in our country, referring to people who accepted government benefits. But as I spent more time listening, and really learning the root causes of poverty, I realized something. I realized that I was wrong. ‘Takers’ wasn’t how to refer to a single mom stuck in a poverty trap, trying to take care of her family. Most people don’t want to be dependent. And to label a whole group of Americans that way was wrong. I shouldn’t castigate a large group of Americans to make a point.”
He's said the same thing for a while now.


The People's Opium

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Iowa bishop supports medical marijuana bill in letter to lawmakers

Bishop Snoop Dogg
Bishop Richard E. Pates of Des Moines urged state lawmakers to pass legislation that would legalize medical marijuana.

In a letter April 26 to House and Senate members, Bishop Pates said a comprehensive bill was needed to “give Iowans the ability to produce a safe and consistent treatment as well as provide a legal avenue for physicians to recommend it to those who are in need.”

It is legal in Iowa for people who suffer from epilepsy to use cannabis oil under a 2014 law approved by legislators. No other illnesses are covered by the law.

However, Iowans with epilepsy cannot legally obtain the medical cannabis in the state because legislators have not approved allowing for its production and distribution. Patients also cannot bring medical cannabis from other states without breaking federal laws.
continue at The Compass

I 100% agree.  How these heavy narcotics produced by Big Pharma are legal and something like cannabis oil is not is absolutely absurd.  It's important to understand it is not a sin to use medically prescribed marijuana.  However, to withhold it from someone in need could be a sin.  Social connotations give it this eeeeevil aura of baaaaaad, which isn't a rational reason for a prohibition.  And neither is the fact one knew a guy who did it one time and he like just totally seemed messed up n stuff.  I heard Terry Nelson is going to be a test candidate after denied entry into this "religious order."

By the way, all narcotic laws in the US are racist and anti-immigrant in origin.  That said, I am only defending medical marijuana(for now).

I am the biggest liberal you know.

Song for this post here.

GBPG: Glimpses of the past 1953: Papal dispensation from Friday fast on May 1

Catholics in the Green Bay Diocese may eat meat today under a worldwide dispensation granted by Pope Pius XII from the normal Friday requirement that Catholics abstain from meat, the Diocesan Chancery Office announced this morning.

The dispensation was announced in Rome last week but it was not clear here whether the dispensation applied to the Green Bay Diocese pending official word from Rome whether it was necessary for Bishop Stanislaus V. Bona to apply the dispensation in the diocese.

The chancery office said today, however, that a report from Rome by the National Catholic Welfare conference news service made it clear that the dispensation granted by the Pope was worldwide.

The dispensation, asked by European bishops, is in connection with the observance of European “Labor Day.” [Get that?  This is for socialist/communist celebration, although traditionally was a European spring celebration.]

Two years later Pope Pius XII would establish the Feast of St. Joseph the Workman on the same day.


St. Gianna Molla, ora pro nobis!


Green Bay alderman proposing ban on alcohol sales - Bahaha!

Single servings of alcohol may be going away at Green Bay liquor and convenience stores.

Alderman Guy Zima is proposing to ban them over concerns about litter and panhandling.

Zima proposed the idea to Green Bay’s Protection and Welfare Committee Monday.

“Single cans of alcohol,” Zima said would be banned. “Beer, malt liquor, small bottles of whiskey, gin.”

Under the proposal, people wouldn’t be able to open up a cooler and grab a bottle or can anymore. Zima says it would help the community.

“It seems to cut down on the litter in the neighborhoods, the panhandling the police-related alcohol calls and cuts down on homeless crime,” said Zima.
continue at WBAY

C'mon man, litter?  Maybe you should also ban potato chips then?  And single cans of beer result in police-related alcohol calls?  What about 30 packs?

HT Vicki

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Crux's John Allen to speak in Duluth tonight

John Allen will speak at the College of St. Scholastica on Wednesday, April 27. His presentation is titled The Mercy Miracle: The Spiritual Roots of Francis’ Papacy. He is a well-known Vatican analysis and the editor of Crux, the newly-independent Catholic news site operated in partnership with the Knights of Columbus.

Where: Mitchell Auditorium, College of St. Scholastica
When: April 27, 2016 at 7:30 pm
Cost: Free to the public

Pope Francis is an extraordinarily complex figure, Allen says, with a wide-ranging pastoral and political agenda. 

Antigo churches pray for prom shooting victims

ANTIGO — Antigo’s churches and schools are reaching out to students and parishioners following an April 23 shooting at a high school prom.

Jakob Wagner, 18, shot two people outside of the Antigo High School prom Saturday evening before being shot and killed by an Antigo police officer on a routine patrol of the parking lots surrounding the facility. Wagner was a 2015 graduate of Antigo High School.

Physically, the victims’ injuries are not life-threatening. The male was shot in the leg and is recovering after what his parents said in a statement was a “long surgery.” His prom date was grazed in the thigh. She was treated and released from Aspirus Langlade Hospital in Antigo. Neither victim has been identified.

Emotionally, the toll may be much higher.
continue at The Compass 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Minnesota Parents Sue To Get Trans Classes In Kindergarten

Parents of a five-year-old trans-questioning child have filed a complaint against a charter school for refusing to teach harmful, anti-science beliefs about human biology.

Parents of a 5-year-old “transgender child” have filed a complaint against a St. Paul charter school, alleging it failed to protect him from bullying and refused to teach all the students their preferred transgender-awareness curriculum.

David and Hannah Edwards, whose child was born a boy but now thinks he’s a girl, has filed with the city’s Department of Human Rights, claiming their child “wasn’t able to take full advantage of Nova’s educational opportunities because of her gender identity and expression. This violated her rights.”

When the boy showed up at school wearing pink tennis shoes and wanting to wear a jumper like the girls in gym class, other children reportedly pointed and laughed at him. The parents contacted the school and wanted something done to protect their child from bullying, despite the fact that the school currently has an anti-bullying policy.

Nova Classical Academy’s executive director, Eric Williams, told 5 Eyewitness News the school has a mandatory policy, called the Bullying Prohibition Policy, which they are simply trying to follow. “He says that means providing a safe and welcoming environment for all students, regardless of their status.”
continue at The Federalist

Because the Edwards begot their political beliefs into a personal anti-science religion, they are compelled to evangelize all others, better than any Mormon missionary can do door to door.  These will be common occurrences so I hope all of our private schools have a plan of actions when these situations arise.  It seems doubtful the parents really had an intention of supporting the school, but were baiting for some legal action.

Father Z's New York trip reminded me of something

On a trip with my wife this fall, we visited the NYC Public Library.

Impressive building(also of Ghostbusters fame), but as you can look around a little without a membership, I stumbled upon this.

A plaque next to the painting:

The Medieval Scribe
A monk of the Middle Ages, seated within the walls of his monastery, carefully copies a manuscript.  Behind the monk is a scene of violent destruction, illustrating the great importance of the medieval scribes in preserving the texts of the past - and thereby the thought and very history of humankind - for future generations. 

It's really blurry so I'll type it out

Someone better call Freedom From Religion Foundation, steeped in their scholarly expertise, to protect us from another one of these blatant Christian proselytizations!!  My God, a public library!  Is there no safe place for Free Thinking if not our public libraries!?!