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#whatspercolating: Podcast keeps youth ‘freshly brewed’ in their faith

MADISON -- "I love 'Freshly Brewed.' Topher, Lindsay, and Sara are the perfect combination."

Like most trends and anything else that is "cool," the youth, like the one quoted above, are on top of the latest creation of awesome for teens in the Diocese of Madison.

It’s a podcast, or "pod" -- following the common pattern of young people shortening words to make them their own.

A podcast is defined in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary as "a program (as of music or talk) made available in digital format for automatic download over the Internet."

"Freshly Brewed" is exactly that. Each weekly installment is a chance for youth leaders in the diocese to "inspire our youth and spread the good word about what's going on," said Lindsay Becher, who works in youth formation in the Diocese of Madison's Office of Evangelization and Catechesis.

Staying connected

Becher co-hosts the show with Sara Zeman -- intern for Love Begins Here (LBH) mission trips for youth in the diocese — and Chris "Topher" Aderhold -- assistant director of Camp Gray, the diocesan camp located near Baraboo.

All three have known each other for years through Camp Gray, LBH, and other youth events and activities in the diocese.

The idea to start a podcast came from a camp conference Aderhold and Becher attended last spring.

The hope was to create podcasts to stay connected to teens after they leave camp or finish LBH for the summer.

"Our podcast is a way for us to continue reaching out to them throughout the year and continue to be a source of inspiration," said Zeman.
continue at Madison Catholic Herald

Hmm, I'll have to tune in.

Photos of St. Joseph's Oratory Basilica in Montreal

Two weeks ago I posted photos of the shrine at Lourdes for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. That led me to post photos of some other basilicas I visited during the pilgrimage.

Continuing with that general theme, I thought I'd post some photos of St. Joseph's Oratory, which I had the opportunity to visit during a work trip to Montreal back in September. Not only is the Oratory a beautiful church, but it's also the home of St. André of Montreal, a lay brother of the Congregation of Holy Cross whose intercession is credited for thousands of miraculous healings.

Known as "Brother Andre", the saint was a doorman known for his great devotion to St. Joseph and was canonized by Pope Benedict in 2010.

The basilica's exterior from the parking lot

A timeline of Brother Andre's life and canonization

Just a few of the many crutches left by believers healed at the oratory

The interior of the church

The sanctuary

The Alter and Tabernacle

The Crucifix from the back of the Sanctuary

I am always deeply moved by the Crucified Christ hanging in agony

The chapel where St. Andre lived and prayed

The interior of the chapel

More crutches and engraved plaques commemorating miracles granted through the intercession of St. Joseph

The living quarters of Brother Andre

Another view of Brother Andre's living quarters

Friday, December 19, 2014

McAdams suspension not 'suspension', says Marquette

Marquette expands on John McAdams controversy in a new statement, Karen Herzog reported in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.
"'He is under review. He has been relieved of his teaching duties and other faculty duties,' the statement said, referring to how the university's actions have been interpreted by others. 'His salary and benefits will continue during the course of the review.'"
That does not address any misinterpretation. It's what Marquette said in its December 17th statement.
"Asked to clarify what would constitute a suspension, spokesman Brian Dorrington said: 'Our definition of suspension is without pay.'"
That doesn't clarify. Rather it appears to contradict Marquette's own Statutes on Faculty Appointment, Promotion and Tenure. Section 307.02 says,
"In all cases of ...suspension ... a faculty member's entitlement to salary and fringe benefits shall continue, irrespective of any suspension from duties ..."
McAdams referred to this Chapter of the Statutes in his blog post Marquette’s Suspension of Marquette Warrior Violated Marquette’s Own Rules.

It also conflicts with what Dean Richard Holz emailed to McAdams, as quoted on McAdams' blog.

"The university is continuing to review your conduct and during this period--and until further notice--you are relieved of all teaching duties and all other faculty activities, including, but not limited to, advising, committee work, faculty meetings and any activity that would involve your interaction with Marquette students, faculty and staff. ..."
"You are to remain off campus during this time..."
Marquette might plausibly say it has put McAdams under interdict. But to say what it has done is a lesser level of sanction than suspension is incredible. There's the further problem that Marquette seems to think that calling this 'review' rather than 'suspension' takes this matter outside the procedural requirements and protections in its own Statutes.

There is no salvation outside of Adobe PDF

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You must declare that there's only one Adobe

The little known forth major monotheistic religion:


ProLifeWI: Beautiful Theater Ad Running in Milwaukee and Madison

via Pro-Life Wisconsin
Are you headed to the theaters this Christmas season? If so, be sure to keep an eye open for our beautiful Personhood ad running in Milwaukee and Madison! This powerful message reinforces the value and worth of each human person, regardless of his or her characteristics or stage of development, and it concludes with a link to our website.

This powerful ad will reach tens of thousands of moviegoers this Christmas season, inspiring them to a better understanding of the worth of each human life! Check out the ad in the video below:

"Worth" Commercial from Pro-Life Wisconsin on Vimeo.

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EWTN Interview with Cardinal Burke and Bishop Rey - Sacra Liturgia

EWTN has just published a video report of the presentation of the English and Italian editions of the proceedings of Sacra Liturgia 2013 in Rome last month, which we reported about here. The report includes interviews with Bishop Dominique Rey and Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke on the Sacred Liturgy and upcoming Sacra Liturgia events.
Continue at New Liturgical Movement

One More from Spain: Photos from the Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia

While we visited Barcelona primarily to visit the Segrada Familia Basilica (part one, part two), we also made time to visit the Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia. This cathedral is also quite beautiful. It's also quite a bit more traditional than the Segrada Familia Basilica. Take a look!

Now this is a beautiful gothic building!

The altar, crucifix and stained glass windows of the cathedral

Numerous side altars display beautiful scenes from Sacred Scripture and the lives of the saints

Another side altar

The cloister is something of an island inside the cathedral, complete with a gorgeous view of palm trees and the building's exterior. (How many buildings offer a beautiful view of the exterior form inside?)

How many buildings offer a beautiful view of the exterior form inside?

More from the cloiser

Bp. Morlino: Fear of the Lord gives tremendous peace, and hope, and joy

Trusting in God
We cannot know God’s plan for our lives, for the world, for His Church.

With that lack of knowing comes fear and discomfort. But with it should also come the realization, once again, that God is God, and we are not. For the woman or man of faith, Fear of the Lord should be followed immediately by tremendous peace, and hope, and joy.

God IS God. He is the creator of the universe and the one who has sent His Son among us. Like Mary and with Mary, we should trust that the Almighty has done great things for His lowly ones, by the Incarnation.

Mary should be our model
In fact it is Mary who should always be our model at Christmas time. From the time that the Angel appeared to her, Mary knew that God was with her, she knew that this child was to be, “great . . . Son of the Most High” (Lk 1:32).

Mary knew that Jesus was the Messiah and she was confounded, saying, “How can this be?” The angel’s response added to the strangeness and mystery, for Gabriel’s response is little more than, “God has a plan . . . not only for you but for your cousin Elizabeth too . . .” There is no consoling explanation from the angel, only, “God has a plan which you cannot possibly understand.”

And how does Mary respond to this revelation that God has a plan she could not possibly understand? “May it be done to me according to your word” (Lk 1:38). She responds with complete trust and confidence in God.
full article at MadCatHerald 

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'Marquette seems to be behaving quite badly here'

Eugene Volokh weighs in at The Volokh Conspiracy blog in The Washington Post.
"Given that the university’s actions seem to be based just on [Professor John] McAdams’s criticism of another instructor (though I’d love to hear more from readers who know any further facts on all this) those actions strikes me as quite improper. Marquette is a private university, and thus not bound by the First Amendment; and Wisconsin is not one of the states that generally restricts private employer retaliation based on an employee’s speech. Still, Marquette frames itself as a university that respects academic freedom and free speech rights. Acting this way towards a faculty member who publicly expresses his opinions on an important issue, including when the issue involves what he sees as improper suppression of student views by a colleague, stifles that freedom."
(For background, see Matt's earlier post.)

Guardian Angel of the Unborn

Erik Daily of the La Crosse Tribune grabbed a great photo.

details at La Crosse Tribune

John McAdams(Marquette Warrior) SUSPENDED by Marquette University while under "Investigation"

It created more controversy than any blog other post we have done: an account of a Philosophy instructor at Marquette who told a student that gay marriage could not be discussed in her class since any opposition would be “homophobic” and would “offend” any gay students in the class. Not only did the story echo among Catholic outlets and sites dedicated to free speech on campus, but it created considerable blow back among leftist academics, who pretty much demanded our head on a pike.

Today we got an e-mail from Dean Richard Holz:

Dear John:

The university is continuing to review your conduct and during this period--and until further notice--you are relieved of all teaching duties and all other faculty activities, [!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!] including, but not limited to, advising, committee work, faculty meetings and any activity that would involve your interaction with Marquette students, faculty and staff. 
continue at Marquette Warrior

I encourage you to send Dr. McAdams your support for his thankless effort to at least make Marquette University open to discuss the possibility that Catholic teaching may in fact be true.

Should we assume the graduate student who was teaching a credited Philosophy course at Marquette University and contradicting basic tenants of natural law, teaching embraced by many faith traditions, is also under investigation?  After all, the foundation of natural law certainly falls under the realm of philosophy.


Update: JS: Marquette's John McAdams suspended after criticizing TA on gay marriage discussion
Update2: Marquette’s Suspension of Marquette Warrior Violated Marquette’s Own Rules

Guest Post: Garden of Eden Training

I invited my friend Cory Cripe to post on his new business here in the La Crosse area.  I think it's a very intriguing idea, in fact seems quite Chestertonian.  

Is there a way for a faithful, practicing Catholic to become physically fit without the ridiculous amounts of soreness, feeling the need to indulge in vanity with all the mirrors, or losing one’s soul participating in some type of Eastern Transcendental Meditation while moving through various poses? Yes. How? Fitness Lying Down. Huh?

Now God didn’t just give us a mind and soul, there is a body included, too. Remember? We bring our hearts, minds, and souls when we encounter the supernatural, but we really fail to worship God with our bodies, as well. When you genuflect – how’s getting back up? When you kneel – are you tall or do you find yourselves hunched over to offer relief for your low back? When standing – do you grab onto the pew in front of you for rest, are you moving side to side, or are you standing tall and attentive? Throw a young child into the mix and now it’s a whole new game! If you’re finding it difficult to participate in the Mass with the physical, along with the spiritual, you may want to continue reading.

You have heard it said that pride is the root of all evil. We are a sinful people (through pride) and the surest way to be reconciled to the Father is through his Son by means of the sacrament of Confession. At Fitness Lying Down we like to think that chair-sitting for prolonged periods of time is the root of all physical evil (stay with me) and the only way to be reconciled here is to get back before The Fall to the In The Beginning...On the sixth day God took mud from the Earth and created the first human, Adam. Interesting enough, the word human has its origin from the Latin word, humus, meaning “of the earth/ground.” Its where we get humble, exhume, etc. In order to correct our physical issues we need to be reconciled with, and return to, where it all began for us: the ground; Fitness Lying Down.

It’s not only in our nature, but the created plan, that we be of the ground; look where you have to start learning to move after being born. You don’t just fly out of the womb and onto a bench press and start repping out! Now think about your own relationship with the ground. Do you like the idea of sitting/lying on the ground? Why or why not? Is getting up off of the ground easy for you? If you answered ‘No’ for either question, ask yourself now, ‘Do I move well?’ I’m sure that the answer still is ‘No,’ and there is the problem! We have gotten so far away from the original plan for our bodies, not only to move – but to move well, that we need to reclaim our nature as God has designed and become better movers by getting our Fitness Lying Down!

Our bodies’ return to communion with the ground can be synonymous with what happens to our souls after confession.

Do you remember in Genesis when God told Adam and Eve to be fruitful, multiply, build big biceps, and ripped abs? Me either. Fruitful, though - how can exercise be fruitful in our modern times? For the majority of us, increasing the size (or definition) of our arms, “toning” our abs, or getting so many minutes of our machine-based cardio does not offer much fruit for the practicality of our lives. We don’t necessarily need to exercise better (we’ve been trying that over the last four decades and look where it has gotten us today), we need to start moving better. In my opinion, that is exactly what God wants from us, efficient movement, not better exercises, to improve our physical fitness levels.