Monday, July 25, 2016

Cardinal Burke reveals family doctor advised his mother to abort him

Burke circa 1975
Cardinal Raymond Burke has revealed that his mother was advised to abort him.

In a new book-length interview with the French journalist Guillaume d’Alançon, Cardinal Burke says that when his mother was pregnant with him, she became seriously ill and a doctor advised her to have an abortion.

According to Cardinal Burke, the doctor said: “You already have five children, it is important for you to be in good health so as to take care of them”.

“My parents refused,” says the cardinal, who is now chaplain to the Order of Malta. “My parents told him that they believed in God and that Christ would give them the necessary help. My mother gave birth to me, and everything went well.

“I was therefore quite touched by this question of defending human life, because I could very well have been killed.”
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Photographer is donating her time and skills to take photos of special needs children to make them feel beautiful

Milwaukee Sisters of St Francis Ask "Pokemon Go" Players To Stop Playing on Their Grounds

The Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi have posted a warning to Pokemon Go players after noticing a spike in activity at the Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi Motherhouse Grounds.

They took to Facebook to alert players that it's not appropriate to play games in or near the convent.

Their post read in part, "Pokémon Go Players, Please STOP! There has certainly been a spike in activity at the Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi Motherhouse Grounds over the last couple of weeks. Unfortunately, it has come to the attention of the congregation that our sacred grounds are being enjoyed for something more than the natural and peaceful beauty. While the sisters appreciate the company and have never restricted visitors on the grounds, it is not appropriate to be playing Pokémon Go or any other “game” on /in/near the convent, other buildings or structures, sculptures or statuary.
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Lots of comments on Twitter but for some reason couldn't embed the conversation.  #Conspiracy

Unlike most crunch-cons, I'm not against video games.  Mobile games I've seen however tend to be extremely dull.  I have no real thoughts pro or contra the sisters other than I assumed the game was a massive data collection operation.  Putin says it was the CIA.
Vladimir Putin is set to ban Pokemon GO from Russia after an internal Kremlin investigation revealed the viral augmented reality smartphone game has direct links to the CIA and wider intelligence community and is being used to secretly gather data on a colossal scale.

PS> The Pokemon ban may be related to the on site nuclear ban.

Friday, July 22, 2016

St. Mary Magdalene, Apostle to the Apostles, ora pro nobis!

Paolo Veronese

Catholic schools in the Madison Diocese are hiring, 31 open positions to be filled

Nienstedt says he's 'relieved' that fate of investigation is now public, “I am a heterosexual man who has been celibate my entire life”

Former Twin Cities Archbishop John Nienstedt said Thursday he is “relieved” that the public now is aware of the fate of an investigation into alleged sexual improprieties by him.

A day after a 2014 memo from the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis was made public stating that a Vatican emissary quashed the investigation, Nienstedt repeated that he has done nothing improper, despite allegations of misconduct revealed in documents released Wednesday by the Ramsey County attorney’s office.

“I am a heterosexual man who has been celibate my entire life,” Nienstedt wrote in an e-mail to the Star Tribune Thursday. “I am relieved that the public now knows the extent of the allegations and can hear my response.”

The fate of the Nienstedt investigation has been a question confronting Twin Cities Catholics for two years. The memo made public this week indicated that the Vatican emissary in Washington, D.C., put the brakes on the probe, which had been looking into allegations of sexual misconduct by Nienstedt in Michigan, Minnesota and Rome.
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The allegations of gay club hopping were stupid lies.  Abp. Nienstedt clearly made mistakes here, and his judgement in these matters should have been the focus of the investigation and press coverage.  To libel the man out of some vendetta was transparent and took the focus off the real issue the Church is struggling to resolve.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Cardinal Burke: ‘Christian nations’ in West must counter Islamic influx

(RNS) Amid heightened tensions over ISIS-fueled terror attacks and anti-Muslim rhetoric, a prominent U.S. cardinal says Islam “wants to govern the world” and Americans must decide if they are going to reassert “the Christian origin of our own nation” in order to avoid that fate.

Cardinal Raymond Burke, a Rome-based prelate known as an outspoken conservative and critic of Pope Francis’ reformist approach, said in an interview on Wednesday (July 20) that Islam is “fundamentally a form of government.”

While Catholic teaching recognizes that all Abrahamic faiths worship the same God, Burke criticized Catholic leaders who, in an effort to be tolerant, have a tendency “to simply think that Islam is a religion like the Catholic faith or the Jewish faith.”

“That simply is not objectively the case,” he said.

Burke, who was once archbishop of St. Louis, stressed that he did not want to be “disrespectful” of Islam or “generate hostility.”

But he said he worries that many people do not understand that, in his view, “when they (Muslims) become the majority in any country they have the duty to submit the whole population to Shariah,” as the Islamic code of law is known.
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Good for the Cardinal for interviewing with Gibson, despite his general hostility toward the Cardinal and the conservative side of the Church.

STrib: "Vatican emissary squashed Archbishop Nienstedt investigation;" docs released by Ramsey County on Wednesday

A Vatican official reportedly shut down an investigation into allegations of sexual improprieties by former Archbishop John Nienstedt.

An internal church memo, part of an often explosive batch of clergy abuse documents released Wednesday by Ramsey County, showed that in 2014, the Vatican’s representative in Washington, D.C., instructed bishops of the St. Paul and Minneapolis Archdiocese to halt an archdiocese-commissioned investigation into Nienstedt.

The bishops objected in a letter that shutting down the investigation “would rightly be seen as a coverup,’’ according to a memo written by priest and lawyer Rev. Dan Griffith, the chancery’s liaison with investigators.

In response, the Vatican’s then-U.S. emissary, Carlo Vigano, asked the bishops to take their letter back “and destroy it,” Griffith wrote.
“Today, Ramsey County Attorney John Choi told the public there is no basis to bring a criminal charge against any of those leaders,” wrote Dixon. “He also dismissed all of the criminal charges against the Archdiocese. That dismissal is unconditional and speaks for itself.”
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Not to defend anyone, but neither the Vatican nor the civil authorities found "no basis" for criminal charges.  Although SNAP gets first priority in news reports, it could have read "Vatican investigation confirmed by Ransey County Attorney."  When the ideological agenda of people like Jennifer Haselberger are revealed, it makes it harder to know who to believe.  But we do need people like her who aren't just out to change Catholic theology who are willing to indeed be vigilant of  our institutions with a track record of failure.

Whistle blower Jennifer Haselberger accepts award from dubious Call to Action group

CH: Liberal Catholicism’s unexpected crisis

You might think that progressives would be rejoicing under the current pontificate. Instead, they are fretting about the future
Even as Pope Francis wins the applause of the world for giving Catholicism a friendlier face, critics have started to grumble. On social media and in opinion columns, they have drawn up a list of grievances. While they approve of his pastoral outreach, they are concerned that he is leaving the Church unprepared to face the challenges of our age. They admire many of the men he has promoted, but fret that he has also empowered bishops who want to lead the Church on a dangerous, radical course – and may well do so once he departs.

No, these critics aren’t the conservatives whose complaints have become a familiar feature of the pontificate, but liberal Catholics whose initial enthusiasm is now curdling into concern, even alarm. Three years after his election, The Tablet has decided that Pope Francis’s reform programme is “rapidly becoming overdue”. Robert Mickens, the veteran Vatican correspondent, writes in the National Catholic Reporter that “many reform-minded Catholics have again become quite worried about the future direction of their Church”.
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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Twin Cities Archdiocese to admit wrongdoing in abuse case

Associated Press report in the Wisconsin Law Journal. In exchange for the admission,
"prosecutors say they’ll drop six criminal child endangerment charges that alleged the archdiocese turned a blind eye to repeated misconduct by Curtis Wehmeyer, who was convicted of molesting two boys in Minnesota and one in Wisconsin."

Sean Duffy and Rachel Campos-Duffy on The World Over this Thursday

Nearly two thirds of gun deaths are suicides

But nearly two-thirds of gun deaths are suicides.

More than 85 percent of suicide victims are male

… and more than half of all suicides are men age 45 or older.
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“What isolation?” I asked him. “That which is now reigning everywhere, especially in our age, but it is not all concluded yet, its term has not come. For everyone now strives most of all to separate his person, wishing to experience the fullness of life within himself, and yet what comes of all his efforts is not the fullness of life but full suicide, for instead of the fullness of self-definition, they fall into complete isolation. For all men in our age are separated into units, each seeks seclusion in his own hole, each withdraws from the others, hides himself, and hides what he has, and ends by pushing himself away from people and pushing people away from himself. He accumulates wealth in solitude, thinking: how strong, how secure I am now; and does not see, madman as he is, that the more he accumulates, the more he sinks into suicidal impotence. For he is accustomed to relying only on himself, he has separated his unit from the whole, he has accustomed his soul to not believing in people’s help, in people or in mankind, and now only trembles lest his money and his acquired privileges perish. Everywhere now the human mind has begun laughably not to understand that a man’s true security lies not in his own solitary effort, but in the general wholeness of humanity. But there must needs come a term to this horrible isolation, and everyone will all at once realize how unnaturally they have separated themselves one from another. Such will be the spirit of the time, and they will be astonished that they sat in darkness for so long, and did not see the light. Then the sign of the Son of Man will appear in the heavens … But until then we must keep hold of the banner, and every once in a while, if only individually, a man must suddenly set an example, and draw the soul from its isolation for an act of brotherly communion, though it be with the rank of holy fool. So that the great thought does not die …”
Elder Zosima in The Brothers Karamazov