Friday, June 24, 2016

Bp. Morneau celebrates 50th anniversary as a Catholic priest

ALLOUEZ - The Most Rev. Robert Morneau is a self-described “classical guitarist.”

He says that tongue-in-cheek. That’s because Morneau can play only two short tunes of no more than 30 seconds total on the rare occasion he picks up the guitar that sits in his office at Resurrection Catholic Parish.

“It’s just a spoof,” Morneau said of his musical aptitude. “I can do a few chords. It’s a pretty limited repertoire — very short.”

Fortunately for Morneau, the longtime pastor at Resurrection and the auxiliary bishop emeritus for the Catholic Diocese of Green Bay, he can take a seat in the pews at his parish and let a group of professional musicians entertain the crowd Tuesday night.

Pat Surface and the Boundary Water Boys are coming down from the upper reaches of Minnesota to play a free benefit concert in the sanctuary at Resurrection, starting at 6:30.
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Just when it seemed Europe was dead

It's been some time since a president of the US has been capable of reciting The Iliad from memory. Obviously the election this year will be devoid of poetry.

Boris Johnson is a fascinating political figure. He could be poised to become the next Prime Minister of the UK. And he knows his stuff.

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Friday Funnies

To end the week, a bit of unintended humor and our neighbors across the pond celebrate independence.

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Dad Takes Out Full-Page Dating Ad for His 48-Year-Old Son

Dating is hard, but if you're lucky, maybe your dad will take out a $900 full-page ad letting the world know you're single and ready to mingle. On Saturday, daily Idaho newspaper the Coeur d'Alene Press ran an ad on behalf of bachelor Baron Brooks. 

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Bring back Shrine of the Holy Whapping!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Wherein a diocesan paper has an editorial oversight

Don't worry guys, not one of ours. This is out of the Diocese of Savannah, GA (which has one of the best looking Cathedrals in the country)



A reason to bonfire

Now I just need to find a witch to burn.

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We fire the bon often (if you couldn't tell from the header). Fireflies and bonfires... new band name, I called it!!

... Hmm, lets see if video works.  No dried up pine trees to burn last time though.


Neenah's St. Mary Catholic HS cap unbeaten season with baseball title

Post-Crescent: Zephyrs cap unbeaten season with baseball title

St. Mary School in West Bend closes after 160 years, third oldest Catholic school in the nation

When students left St. Mary School in West Bend on June 2, the doors closed for the final time.

Opened 160 years ago, the school had been the longest continually operating Catholic school in the state, and the third oldest in the nation, according to Jenny Trimberger, the school’s principal for the past two years.

“The loss of any school site is difficult for us because of the history, the generations of students and clearly their families that are formed and educated in our Catholic schools,” said Kathleen Cepelka, superintendent of schools for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. “But in a very unique way, we are impacted by this, because this little school was founded to serve the needs of largely German immigrants. There are very deep roots, specifically because it was farmland, and symbolically that are affected by this closure.”
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A school in Pewaukee also closed this year.

Catholic High School in Appleton first in diocese to start mandatory drug testing for all of its students

APPLETON - Xavier High School will start mandatory drug testing for all of its students in the fall.

The practice is not the result of high drug usage among Xavier students but rather a focus on student health, said Principal Mike Mauthe.

"The impetus for the program is not because Xavier has some sort of huge problem," he said. "I think our numbers on the Youth Risk Behavior Survey over the years have indicated, compared to some of our neighboring schools, our rates of drug use are significantly lower, but anybody who opens up The Post-Crescent and reads about heroin deaths and the increased use of all kinds of drugs here in the Valley knows that any sort of drug usage rate is a problem.
Xavier isn't the first school in the Fox Cities to do random drug testing of students, but it would be the first private high school here and the first in the Diocese of Green Bay.
Because it's a private school, Xavier can mandate drug tests for everyone because students pay to attend the school.

Public school students, meanwhile, can only be screened if they participate in activities outside of the regular curriculum. The U.S. Supreme Court found public school drug testing of student-athletes and students who participate in extracurricular activities constitutional in 1995 and 2002, respectively.

For the record, I think this is a terrible misguided idea.  The salutatorian of my high school was a major stoner and said person went on to graduate from a major university(with honors) and is now a successful businessperson.  It's not clear what punishment is issued for violations, but this kind of invasion could lead offenders down a path of destruction whereas sometimes these kids learn from any potential mistakes without the need for some institutional intervention.  Behavior is the problem that should be targeted, like missing school, bad grades, disruptions, violence, etc.

Do Milwaukee Catholic schools do something like this?

Where's the "Weed 'nuns'" when you need them... (kidding!) 

Update: If you are in favor of mandatory drug testing for student, are you also in favor of mandatory STD testing of all students?   Or do we only deal in socially unacceptable problems? 

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Tribulation is a gift from God - St. Thomas More

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Amazing timelapse of restoration work at St. Stanislaus Oratory in Milwaukee

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Polish Fest Mass with Archbishop Listecki

Update: Doh! Apparently I'm behind!  This was last Sunday.
Archbishop Jerome E. Listecki will celebrate Mass at Polish Fest beginning at 10:15 a.m. in the Marcus Amphitheatre. The south gate will be open from 9:30-11:59 a.m. to admit churchgoers. Mass is free. Admission to Polish Fest at the gate from 9:30 AM - 11:59 AM is $4.00

For more information, visit
A Polish Fest tradition is our Sunday morning Catholic Mass. Join us as we celebrate the Eucharist with music and readings in both Polish and English. Experience a Mass that combines Polish traditions with classic Catholic liturgy.  [Good]

None of this Polka Mass nonsense.  A real liturgy.

Freedom From Religion Foundation recently attacked the public Mass at Irishfest for not charging churchgoers.  If they roll up on Polish Fest, I'd like to see a lil Sobieski invoked.