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Cardinal Burke reflects on Easter in Rome

(Vatican Radio) After Jerusalem, Rome is viewed as the most important place of pilgrimage to mark the passion death and resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ. During Holy Week the Pope, who is also the Bishop of Rome, presides over the main liturgical ceremonies including the celebration of the In Coena Domini and Chrism Masses.

Rome’s Coliseum takes centre stage on Good Friday for the celebration of the Via Crucis or Stations of the Cross.

And on Easter Sunday the Holy Father, following the celebration of Mass in the splendor of St Peter’s Square, gives an address to the City of Rome and the World, Urbi et Orbi.

But apart from the main events of this, the most important week in the Churches liturgical calendar, the city also plays host to pilgrims who want to meditate on this solemn occasion. The faithful can make a visit to seven churches in what is called the Seven Churches Visitation.

This pilgrimage practice began in Rome, where people visited the seven Roman basilicas, which include St Peter’s and St John Lateran, for prayer and adoration.

Reflecting on Holy Week and the Easter Triduum in Rome, Cardinal Raymond Burke, Prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura says “it (Rome) has a certain proper sense as a place of pilgrimage because it is the Seat of Peter who is the Vicar of Christ… and so celebrating the Easter mysteries here, we have the profound sense of celebrating them with Our Lord himself.”

Cardinal Burke also describes the visiting of churches in the city on Holy Thursday as an effective means of deepening the spiritual experience of these days. “We leave in a way the ordinary circumstances of our life to do this extraordinary activity of visiting these seven churches. Listen
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Good Help's Walk to Mary pilgrimage set for May 3

The second annual Walk to Mary pilgrimage will be May 3.

The pilgrimage, which supports Catholic education for children, will start at the National Shrine of St. Joseph at St. Norbert Abbey in De Pere and follow a 21-mile route to the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help in Champion.

The inaugural Walk to Mary event last year had nearly 500 registered participants.

Registration for Walk to Mary is being taken online only at The registration fees are $25 for adults and $10 for students — children 4 and younger are free — and include a sandwich-style lunch box, a Walk to Mary T-shirt and a pilgrims packet full of pilgrimage souvenirs.

New this year is the “Walk with the Children.” Pilgrims can join the walk for the last 2 miles — geared to children, elderly and those who cannot walk long distances. The flat fee for families to participate is $25.

The registration deadline is April 27.
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Except I'm supposed to run a race in La Crosse that day...  Hmmm.

Spy Wednesday

Gustave Doré - Study for "The Judas Kiss"

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Relevant Radio's Fr. Rocky on the hot seat after pro-marriage talk at Catholic high school

I missed this over the weekend:
The Rev. Francis “Rocky” Hoffman, a priest of Opus Dei, an orthodox division of the Roman Catholic Church, and executive director and radio host of Relevant Radio, a Catholic radio network that broadcasts on 33 stations in 13 states and online, had spoken to a school-wide assembly at The Prout School, where Anna is a junior. The speech was being taped to be broadcast on Relevant Radio at a later date.

“She was most upset about the divisive and offensive language regarding divorce, homosexuality and even adoption,” Kathleen Schlenz said. “None of the parents or faculty knew it was being taped to be aired. They were essentially held hostage and told to clap after this man’s responses to questions, even when they didn’t agree with them.”

Father Hoffman was on retreat and unavailable for comment before the Independent went to press Wednesday.

On April 10, parents received a letter of apology from Principal David Carradini since Friday. In the new letter, Carradini announced he would not resign.

“People in our community are calling for my resignation, seeing in this event the culmination of frustration with my leadership,” Carradini wrote in the April 10 letter. ”I have taken this call very seriously, deliberating with myself for days and seeking counsel from others. I sincerely believe that my resignation as Principal is not in the best interests of The Prout School. I have this discussed this option with diocesan officials and they, too, believe that I should continue in my position as the leader of our School.”
More at Father Z's place 
Also at Patheos

Good for Fr. Rocky!  The fact the principal thought about resigning goes to show the school may not be salvageable.  I hope Wisconsin diocesan schools can invite him to give the same talk.  

HT Creative Minority

Why are geocentrists trying to undo centuries worth of accepted science?

Most people probably assume the scientific debate over the Earth’s place in the universe has been settled for centuries, but a small group of conspiracy theorists have been quietly pushing the idea that Galileo was wrong.

The Raw Story brought them blinking into the light earlier this week with a report on their plans to release “The Principle,” a film narrated by “Star Trek: Voyager” actress Kate Mulgrew and featuring interviews with several prominent scientists, that questioned the Copernican principle placing the sun at the center of the universe.

Mulgrew and scientist Lawrence Krauss both reacted to the controversy by claiming they’d been duped by the geocentrists — and two of their ideological opponents say the group intends to dupe the public.

The film’s producers deny it promotes geocentrism but instead focuses only on the Copernican principle that lends the movie its name.

“The difference between geocentrism and denying the Copernican principle is not subtle,” said physicist Alec MacAndrew. “In the former case, the claim is that the Earth is stationary at the center of the universe. In the latter case the claim is much more vague – that the Earth is somehow in a privileged or unusual position.”

While he called the geocentric view “utter bunkum,” MacAndrew said the Copernican principle offered “a nice cosmological and philosophical question.”

The film’s principal backer – Robert Sungenis — is also developing another film that will focus on geocentrism to be released after “The Principle.”

“There can be no doubt that for these individuals a full-blown geocentrism is the end game in view,” said David Palm, a theologian who has tangled online with Sungenis and his allies over their philosophies. “It has always been the ulterior motive behind finding scientists who could be enlisted to question the Copernican principle. They’re essentially trying to soften up their audiences by presenting less fringe and controversial material before hitting them with the full monty, so to speak.”
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David Palm is a friend and Sconnie.  He blogs on the topic at Geocentrism Debunked.

CreamCity: John XXIII, Progressive?

We also, impelled by the weightiest of reasons … are fully determined to restore this language [Latin] to its position of honor and to do all We can to promote its study and use. The employment of Latin has recently been contested in some quarters, and many are asking what the mind of the Apostolic See is in this matter. We have therefore decided to issue the timely directives contained in this document, so as to ensure that the ancient and uninterrupted use of Latin be maintained and, where necessary, restored. ~Pope John XXIII, Veterum Sapientia, February 22, 1962

The media loves to fashion alternate narratives when it comes to writing about the Catholic Church’s recent history. It’s a great way to undermine the Church’s mission, i.e., convince a majority of something completely untrue by repeating the same thing over and over. Before you know it, the myth becomes the new reality and the actual reality becomes an illusion. Those left defending the truth are small in number and appear awkwardly out-of-touch. As has been well documented here at Cream City Catholic, the most popular example of this nowadays has to do with the revisionist history regarding the Second Vatican Council. There’s what the Council actually did, or intended to do, which a simple reading of the documents will make abundantly clear, and then there’s what the “council” accomplished in the eyes of the media and liberals. The success of this strategy has been remarkable, as we now have a healthy majority of Catholics, many priests and bishops even, who believe that Vatican II was all about revolutionizing the Church’s liturgical life.
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Worth the read. 

WIAA to consider "Three-Fifths" rule

Badgers Bronson Koenig
via The Provincial Emails
Michael Flaherty comments at WPRI.

"When the governing body of high school sports meets in Stevens Point on April 16, its members will vote on an odd, special rule to require the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association to treat private school sports teams as though their schools were much larger.
"Proponents argue that private schools have unique access to athletes through their prestige and tuition assistance. To level the playing field, so to speak, a number of small schools propose requiring private schools to count each student as 1.65 students for the purposes of placing them in competitive divisions."
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FatherZ: Support Madison's Our Lady of Hope Clinic!

I have an ACTION ITEM for you good readers. You have been generous to causes I have mentioned in the past.  Sometimes people have a hard time finding causes to support.  This is one of them that I admire.

I have written about Our Lady of Hope Clinic before.  This is one of the worthiest causes I have seen for a while and it could use your help, wherever you are.

Read more HERE and HERE

This could be a new model for health care in a rapidly changing – disintegrating – time.  The “Affordable” Care Act really isn’t.  It is going to be harder in the future for people to get health care, not easier.  And for those without much bucks?

Here is the pitch.

If you are near Madison, go to a benefit dinner.  If you are not near Madison, send them money anyway.  They have a DONATION page.
continue at Father Z 

I wish we had one in La Crosse now that Franciscan Skemp is in the abortion peddling business.  

JS: Wis. state shrines draw travelers for prayer, contemplation

When Colleen Schwarzbauer visits the Our Lady of Good Help shrine outside Champion — she's led bus tours there more than a dozen times — she always experiences a feeling of "extreme peace."

She's not alone, she said.

"Other people often tell me that they have the same emotion and wish they could spend more time there," she said of the simple shrine, which was dedicated in 2010 and is set in farm fields 17 miles northeast of Green Bay in rural Brown County.

"It's out in the country with a beautiful little church and the crypt where Our Blessed Lady appeared back in 1859. They say they'd like to just be there more to pray and walk."

Schwarzbauer, whose tours include a spiritual leader, said she is also fond of the setting for the Our Lady of Guadalupe shrine in the bluffs above La Crosse.

"It's more developed than Our Lady of Good Help, but it also has the same feeling," said Schwarzbauer, who has been leading shrine tours around the world for 24 years for her company, Jerico Christian Journeys.

The Good Help and Guadalupe shrines, along with Holy Hill — located on 435 acres 28 miles northwest of downtown Milwaukee in Hubertus — are Wisconsin's three major Catholic pilgrimage sites honoring Mary. They attract tens of thousands of visitors each year, while elsewhere around the state, grottoes and minor shrines also pull in the faithful and curious.
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ICKSP host young adults Sursum Corda weekend at Mundelein July 25-28

Many people have asked the Canons of the Institute when they would be offering a program of solid spiritual, doctrinal and moral formation geared specifically to young adults. When young people leave home for the first time and begin to study or work with those who do not know Christ, their faith is quickly put to the test. To them especially apply the words of Scripture: Always be prepared to make a defense to anyone who calls you to account for the hope that is in you (1 Pt 3:15).

The day has arrived! The Institute of Christ the King now presents Sursum Corda, a nationwide initiative to foster the spiritual lives of the young adults in our apostolates. For the fourth year in a row, Sursum Corda is offering a social and spiritual weekend for young people ages 18 and up, July 25-28, 2014. The event will be held on the beautiful grounds of Mundelein Seminary in Illinois (see map below). Canon Aaron Huberfeld, Rector of St. Mary's Oratory in Wausau, will be the chaplain for the camp, and several other canons are sure to be there as well.

The program includes daily Mass, prayer in common and opportunity for confession, faith formation classes and discussions, and other social activities for the young men and women. The weekend begins with check-in at 3:00 PM on Friday, July 25 at Mundelein and will end on Monday, July 28 at 12:00 PM.

See pictures from last year's Sursum Corda weekend, which was a tremendous success.
Registration at Institute of Christ the King

Dr. Duke Pesta to speak on Common Core in La Crosse tonight

Common Core - Dangers and Threats Presentation - April 14th, 7:15pm at St. Luke's United Methodist Church (1022 Caledonia St., La Crosse)

Have you heard about Common Core?  The chilling truth behind these new national education "standards" will shock you.  Common Core represents the latest and most comprehensive step in the drive toward complete government control of our children's education. To learn more about  it, there are two things you can do.

First, go to which explores the controversial Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and concerns about their potential impact on Catholic schools and students. The site is a project of The Cardinal Newman Society, which promotes and defends faithful Catholic education and sponsors the Catholic High School Honor Roll.

Second, attend a presentation by Dr.Duke Pesta, a professor of English at the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh. He will provide examples of how Common Core threatens to further undermine, weaken, and centralize public and private education in our country. There is free admission and limited seating.

Dr. Pesta spoke last month at the same location and prior to that he presented at a La Crosse public school. Those who have previously attended are thankful they did because they now have a better understanding of how these standards are impacting our children. In addition to the standards, parents are becoming very concerned about all the new types of data being collected on their children, as well as the disciplinary records that are being kept without their knowledge.
You may recall that Steve interviewed Dr. Pesta on this blog a few months ago.

And on a related note, it was confirmed by a group of parents that Common Core curriculum is already in La Crosse diocesan schools:
At the meeting with Dr. Susan Holman, Superintendent of Catholic Schools, she said they allow School Systems to pick their own books, and they depend on the Administrators to keep to the curriculum and evaluate teachers. Based on past experience and current, this means parents have to monitor as these  "aligned with Common Core" books are already in the Catholic schools in La Crosse.

Becky Gerritson Testifying before the Common Core Hearing at
the State House March 11, 2014
from Wetumpka
Tea Party
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Good Jesuit: Fr. Cletus Healy, S.J.

via Cream City Catholic
Local Milwaukee priest and indefatigable bulwark of Catholic tradition Father Cletus Healy S.J. died earlier this week at the ripe age of 96. A Jesuit in the truest sense of the word, Father Healy worked, rather fought, on the cultural frontline for decades, relentlessly defending Catholic teaching when that teaching was coming into greater conflict with the demands of an increasingly secular and hostile society.

Requiescat in pace.
From JS Online:
The Rev. Cletus Healy warned about the evils of communism, presided over annual vigils at the gravesite of Sen. Joseph McCarthy and wrote "Stations of the Cross for the Victims of Abortion."

These were the passions of Healy, a Jesuit who — in an era of change that was troubling for some Catholics — emerged as a bastion of long-held conservative values.

"He was a voice of reason, of continuity — a connection with the Vatican that was often blurred, especially through the '60s and '70s, when things were in such turmoil," his friend Mary Lou Wirtz said of Healy, who died of congestive heart failure Monday at St. Camillus Jesuit Retirement Community in Wauwatosa. He was 96.

The second of eight children raised on a farm in Newton, Iowa, John Cletus Healy attended public schools and briefly studied agriculture before feeling the calling to the priesthood.

"He said he was chosen," Wirtz said. "He kind of ducked it, and then he realized he couldn't. He struggled leaving the farm. He loved the farm life."

Named after his father, he went by his middle name throughout his life. Healy entered St. Stanislaus Seminary in Florissant, Mo., in 1938, and was ordained in 1951. He taught sociology and religion at Marquette University High School until 1968.

When many priests were becoming politically liberal in the 1960s, Healy often was a conservative voice.

"Father Healy was a voice for authentic Catholicism when there were liberals screaming 'New is best' on one side and conservatives yelling 'Only the old has value' on the other side," Wirtz said. "He always agreed with the Vatican, and he suffered persecution for standing with the church when many others were swayed away."

In the post-Vatican II era, Catholics who were troubled by changes in the church came to Healy. For instance, Wirtz met him at age 7, when her parents balked at the idea, a product of Vatican II, that she would receive her first Holy Communion without first going to confession.
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Also: Stations of the Cross For the Victims of Abortion, By Fr. Healy