Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Esto Vir Men's Conference in Green Bay March 4th featuring Matt Fradd, Packers Ast. O-Line Coach David Raih


Getting another Packers coach for a Catholic men's conference.  These guys have got the right idea.

Chicago Save the St. Adalbert Shrine Hires Reporter to Investigate Church Sale

In response to requests for help from our friends at the St. Adalbert Preservation Society, the Coalition to Save the Shrine recently engaged an investigative reporter to look into the announced sale of the entire campus of St. Adalbert’s in Pilsen, including the church, to the Chicago Academy of Music.
To learn more, please visit www.savestadalbertchurch.org, or sign the petition here.

Also Church Militant: Chicago Cardinal to Sell Off Historic Church to Secular Music Group

I'm all for saving the shrine but in a previous article it stated they were in need of $5,000,000 just to save the bell towers.  If the funds can be raised and maybe a religious order could take it over, I think it would be fantastic.  Really, it's going to take some large donors to pledge that kind of cash and I hope people can step up.  However, there's a whole lot of Chicago churches going through the same thing right now.  Just because one may disagree with Cdl. Cupich on say sacramental theology does not mean every move is somehow contaminated with evil intentions.  The church is a masterpiece so if the people of Pilsen cannot support it I hope the building itself can be maintained.  If area demographics change maybe the archdiocese could work out something in the deal that would allow for some level of access to parishioners for religious use.

Premiere of Spiritual Wisconsin featuring The Three Shrines March 25

All three Shrines (Holy Hill, Good Help, and OLG) are featured as well as the "Walk to Mary" and "Bike to Mary" pilgrimages which DW Camera Crews filmed last year.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Notre Dame in Chippewa Falls completes $2 million renovation, Bishop Callahan visits for blessing

The Church of Notre Dame, which recently finished its $2 million renovation project, is going to have a special visitor at its Sunday Mass.

Bishop William Callahan of the La Crosse Diocese will lead his first liturgy in the church at 10 a.m. [last] Sunday.

While Callahan has visited the city several times, Msgr. Mark Pierce said this is the first time he will be leading prayer at the Church of Notre Dame.
Chippewa Herald

I can't wait to see for myself next time I'm in town!!  Some before pictures.

Bishops of Wisconsin grant dispensations for this year's Friday St Patrick's Day

Pilgrimage to Croagh Patrick
MADISON -- The bishops of Wisconsin determined together that since St. Patrick's Day falls on a Friday this year (March 17), it would be appropriate to dispense the faithful from the obligation of abstinence from eating meat that day.

Since this must be done by each bishop in his own diocese, Bishop Robert C. Morlino has issued a "Rescript Granting Dispensation" for the "faithful who reside in the Diocese of Madison, as well as anyone actually present in the Diocese of Madison" on March 17, 2017.

Bishop Morlino points out that the norms on fasting and abstinence promulgated by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops for the dioceses of the United States require all the faithful to abstain from eating meat on the Fridays of Lent.

Noting, however, that the memorial of St. Patrick falls on a Friday of Lent this year, he exhorts "the faithful to exercise due moderation and temperance in festivities and celebrations of the memorial of St. Patrick, in keeping with the solemnity and honor that is due to so great a saint and his tireless efforts to inspire holiness in the Christian faithful."

The bishop says, "Wishing nevertheless to foster a joyful and reverent devotion to that great saint and, moreover, to honor the patrimony of the Irish people to whom he first preached the good news of salvation," he therefore dispenses the faithful who reside in the Diocese of Madison, as well as anyone actually present in the Diocese of Madison, from the observance of the law of abstinence on Friday, March 17, 2017.

He urges them "to perform some salutary work of penance or charity that day so that they might unite themselves more perfectly with the suffering and death of our Lord."

Wonderful!  I am firmly in the pro-dispensation crowd.  Yes, I know, all these barely conscious cultural Catholic are cheering(even if they do what they will regardless of bishops), and all those good practicing Catholics are shaking their fists at them, however, in this godless age we've got to celebrate those part of the faith that are so ingrained in society that the secular world can only attempt to commandeer what good the peasants have created.  St. Patrick is a giant, and the Island cannot wash the Catholicity of her Baptism away even with the orangish of scrub brushes.

Also, His Excellency may have let the cat of of the bag.  I do not see any other diocesan announcements thus far, perhaps awaiting getting closer to the feast day.  Feel free to post a link if you find it out there for other dioceses.


Friday, February 17, 2017

Marquette Provost Throws His Campus Under the Racism Bus, Provost refuses to meet with group he sabotaged

Last week, the Young Americans for Freedom at Marquette held a wildly successful talk featuring Ben Shapiro. Two lecture halls were filled beyond capacity, even as Marquette staff attempted to sabotage the event behind the scenes.

The first time any Marquette administrator publicly addressed students about the Shapiro talk was in an editorial in the campus newspaper on February 14. Provost Dan Myers—who once carried a sign that labeled conservatives as homophobic, transphobic & biphobic—penned an op-ed pleading for “critical thinking” when considering conservative speakers like Shapiro.
And let's not pretend the Marquette administration has any interest in engaging in the arena of ideas.
Update: YAF-Marquette chairman and adviser reached out to Provost Myers for a meeting. Through his chief of staff, Myers denied the request because he was too busy. Myers’ office said they could direct the YAF chapter to another person on campus. At this point, Myers is unwilling to defend his actions directly to conservative students. [Seems like Dan had plenty of time to sabotage the event in the first place though]
continue at Young Americas Foundation

also McAdams:
What does it say that, on the Marquette campus, it is usually conservatives who arrange debates, but the Marquette administration arranges only one-sided programs? It must mean that, deep down, the people running Marquette sense that they would be at a disadvantage in an open, balanced debate.

If they were confident of their views, they would welcome having those views be shown to be superior in head-to-head competition.
continue at Marquette Warrior

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Sean Duffy, Catholic father of 8, will not run for US Senate in 2018

The list of potential candidates includes Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, Madison businessman Eric Hovde, state Rep. Dale Kooyenga, state Sen. Leah Vukmir and Marine veteran Kevin Nicholson.
more at JS

Duffy was the best option, but perhaps he'll run for Governor in the near future.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Could Cardinal Burke Cause Cappa-size Magna In Guam?


Or if you are a Young Pope fan:

Guam media reports the Vatican sending Cardinal Burke to investigate sex abuse accusations against archbishop

ROME - Cardinal Raymond L. Burke, a church law expert and former head of the Vatican’s highest court, arrived in Guam Feb. 15 as the presiding judge in a church trial investigating allegations of sexual abuse leveled against Archbishop Anthony S. Apuron of Agana.

The Vatican press office confirmed a “tribunal of the first instance” was constituted by the Vatican Oct. 5 and its presiding judge is Cardinal Burke. Four other judges, all of whom are bishops, also were appointed, the press office said.

“When an action is in a ‘first instance’ court, that indicates that it is in the initial trial phase,” according to the website of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which handles accusations of clerical sexual abuse.
continue at Crux

Because the knives are out for Cdl Burke I worry that this is being orchestrated to somehow leave the cardinal "supporting" predatory clergy in the case Archbishop Apuron is innocent.  At this point, I'm not sure any theory is conspiratorial considering the unprecedented unrest in Rome.