Wednesday, August 24, 2016

“The closure of the Planned Parenthood clinic in Grand Chute is a clear indication that God is hearing our prayers,” - Bp David Ricken

ALLOUEZ — Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin is permanently closing its abortion facility in Appleton (town of Grand Chute). The facility had stopped performing abortions last fall, due to lack of personnel. Various news outlets noted that Planned Parenthood was unable to find an abortionist.

The closing of the Grand Chute site came due to costs to update security. Several news outlets quoted Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin’s chief operating officer Chris Williams as saying that security upgrades to the Appleton site would cost an estimated $300,000, twice the value of the site.

In 2014, “Appleton North Health Clinic” performed almost 600 abortions.

“The closure of the Planned Parenthood clinic in Grand Chute is a clear indication that God is hearing our prayers,” Bishop David Ricken told The Compass on Aug. 23.

He noted that the closure happened Aug. 22, the memorial of the Queenship of Mary, adding that this is “the title (Mary) gave when appearing in Champion,” where the National Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help is located.
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A walk-through of Chicago's long vacant St. Boniface Church, some stunning and sad photos

Despite the recent issuing of a demolition permit, a deal is still in the works

Residents of the East Village and Noble Square neighborhoods are very familiar with St. Boniface Church and its long struggle to find a new use. The old cathedral, designed by Henry Schlacks and constructed between 1902 and 1904, was shuttered in 1990 and has remained vacant since. The church has been the subject of many community meetings over the years and many different proposals for adaptive reuse. However, it has also been left to decay over the years and there have also been a couple of tense moments where the future of the church seemed uncertain.
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Could we hear this from the pulpit please?!? Have Lots Of Children. It’s Good For The Planet

Sean & Rachel Duffy and their 8 children know what's good for the planet
The problem with environmentalists isn’t merely that they have destructive ideas about the economy, but that so many of them embrace repulsive ideas about human beings.

Take this recent NPR piece that asks: “Should We Be Having Kids In The Age Of Climate Change?” If you want to learn about how environmentalism has already affected people in society, read about the couple pondering “the ethics of procreation and its impact on the climate” before starting a family or the group of women in a prosperous New Hampshire town swapping stories about how the “the climate crisis is a reproductive crisis.” [embarrassing, considering the long history of failure by over population fear mongers]

There are, no doubt, many good reasons a person might have for not wanting children. But, certainly, it’s tragic that some gullible Americans who have the means and emotional bandwidth — and perhaps a genuine desire — to be parents avoid having kids because of a quasi-religious belief in apocalyptic climate change and overpopulation.

Then again, maybe this is just Darwinism working its magic.
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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

SupCH: FOCUS missionaries heading to college campuses

Dan Tracy takes a lot of selfies. It’s a virtue for a campus missionary who spends much of his time hanging out with students.

Tracy works with the Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS), a nationwide campus ministry that has attracted two Superior residents to its mission.

Both parishioners of the Cathedral of Christ the King, Tracy and Arne Nyeck are embarking on a year of missionary work on Minnesota campuses starting this fall.

Tracy returns to Saint John’s University in Collegeville for his second year with FOCUS, while Nyeck begins his inaugural missionary year at Minnesota State University, Mankato.
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La Crosse Men's Conference set for October 22 in Marshfield; featuring Tim Staples and Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers

This is our 2nd annual Catholic men's conference! Come enjoy dynamic speakers, Mass with Bishop Callahan, confession, and fellowship with other men looking to flame the fire of faith!

Speakers include
  • Tim Staples
  • Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers
  • Chris Padgett
Lunch is included. It will be very delicious like last year's thanks to Fr. Berns.

8am - Registration begins
9am - Conference begins
4pm - Closing Mass with Bishop Callahan

10:00am to 3:00pm - Confession
8:30am  to 3:30pm - Adoration
Men of the Cross

Monday, August 22, 2016

Mark Shea and Simcha Fisher both self reporting they were fired by NCRegister

I'm just posting it happened, nothing more.  I indeed will pray for both of them, and to be clear I'm not being facetious or exercising schadenfreude.  I have Simcha's book; admittedly have not started yet.  I enjoyed Mark at Argument of the Month.  It's pretty clear he wrote poorly recently on a pro-life topic, one that needed more research to say the least(it happens), and that seems to have lead to a review on NCReg's part.  That said, one might be surprised to find out who's books he has ghostwritten.  Remember Pat Archbold got axed as well so NCReg proves the pendulum swings both ways.

Although I've disagreed with both in the past plenty of times(I primarily follow the news of the north anyway), I don't hesitate to pray for either and you should also.

Mark's blog:
Some of You May Be Surprised to Learn that I Have a Temper

Or not.

At any rate, it’s a frequent issue at confession for me and it gets me in trouble as, for instance, when I lose a writing gig at the National Catholic Register, a periodical that has shown me nothing but kindness for over a decade. I’m grateful to them for those years and I wish them well.
Not approving inappropriate comments.

Update: Also seeing posts that John Paul Shimek was fired as well but no sources yet.

Shawano WI woman enters FSCC convent this month

Megan Kugel’s earliest memory of her current plans were at the age of 7 when she went up to a nun at Sacred Heart Catholic School in Shawano.

“I can remember walking up to her and saying ‘I think I’ve been called,’” Kugel said.

The nun told her to just keep listening, which is what Kugel has been doing for the last 17 years.

After graduating from Shawano Community High School, she earned an associate degree in video and motion graphics from Madison Media Institute. In May, she graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater with a degree in corporate health communications.
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Congrats and prayers for Megan!


Please Pray and Consider Helping!

Though word has begun to travel far and wide concerning this tragedy thanks to the power of social media and the tight-knit family of the Church, I wanted to make sure to include the Badger Catholic Family as well.  Joe and Melissa are a wonderful young Catholic couple who are both graduates of Franciscan University of Steubenville and are parishioners at St. Anthony's Parish in Milwaukee where they were married.  The GoFundMe Account was set up by Joe's brother Chris, who is also a wonderful young Catholic man.  Your prayers are greatly needed, and any contribution you can make would be welcomed. 

Below is from their Go Fund Me page:

As most of you know Lily Stancato suffered some complications during her birth and was without oxygen for a significant amount of time.  Lily has been in the NICU at Children's Hospital in Milwaukee and has received intensive care during her stay.  As you can imagine, medical expenses for the family of Lily are expensive.  Our goal is to help off-set the costs of medical care for the family.  If you personally know the Father and Mother (Joseph and Melissa), you know that they are both special individuals with hearts of goodwill and service toward others.  Please do what you can to support them in this trying time by giving as much as you can. Every little bit helps. If you wish to donate directly please contact Chris at 262-960-9913.

 Even though Lily has only been with us for a number of days she has touched the hearts of all who have visited her and know of her story.  As the Uncle and godfather of Lily I cannot begin to thank you enough for your love and support!  I have not told Joseph and Melissa the campaign has started yet so if/when you choose to share with others please keep that in mind.  I don't want them to even think about bills yet. Please continue to pray for Lily and her family.  Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Milwaukee Magazine features Vicar General for Urban Ministry Fr. Tim Kitzke on cover

Anne has some background on Fr. Kitzke.

JS: Fox Valley abortion clinic closing

Madison — Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin is closing its Appleton abortion clinic, preventing women from accessing abortion anywhere north of Madison and Milwaukee in the state.

The announcement comes two months after a legal victory for Planned Parenthood that supporters of abortion rights hoped would keep clinics like the one in Appleton opened.

But the organization announced Monday it was closing the Appleton clinic because of security concerns. Planned Parenthood conducted a review of its clinics after a shooting last year at a clinic in Colorado Springs and found Appleton’s clinic did not have enough protections.

The clinic suspended providing abortions in October 2015 because of a temporary staff shortage. The staff shortage has since been resolved and is not related to the decision to close the clinic, said Chris Williams, chief operating officer of Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin.
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So what's the real reason, I'm not sure.  I suppose this would help to serve as political fodder, claiming the state should be funding security at these locations.  Even though the Appleton location committed 600 abortions last year, it probably is not as lucrative as the other locations.  It's not like when they scare another woman into an abortion that they aren't going to convince them to drive a few hours to have it done anyway.  Heck, considering that people continue to find the abortion procedure so brutal, moving funding topics to faux topics like security is not a bad strategy on their part.  Anything that gets the focus on selling freshly killed baby parts is good for them.

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Sunday, August 21, 2016

The wit and wisdom of a “most gloriously judgmental” man

Peter M.J. Stravinskas reviews Subtracting Christianity: Essays on American Culture and Society, a collection of essays by the late Joseph Sobran, at Catholic World Report.

(via Fitzgerald Griffin Foundation.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Fanatic Friday: Every Press Conference Ever edition

Well I was trying to post a link to an article Wisconsin Historical Society did on former priest Fr. James Groppi, SJ but I couldn't find a way to link to it. I'll post it next week.  We've discussed the controversial figure on these pages before.  In the meantime, here's some of this. Fantastic!  Er I mean Fanatic!