Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Saint John Paul II - Calendar Change

News and Views at the latest Adoremus Bulletin includes this.
The BCDW Newsletter announced a change in the liturgical calendar for 2014 and 2015 due to the canonization of Saint John Paul II. The dates to be celebrated and readings are as follows:
October 22, 2014
Wed. Weekday [Saint John Paul II, Pope] Eph 3:2-12/Lk 12:39-48 (475) green/white
October 22, 2015
Thu. Weekday [Saint John Paul II, Pope] Rom 6:19-23/Lk 12:49-53 (476) green/white
I've added links to readings at the USCCB.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Gone fishin'

To varying degrees I am out of the "office" for the next 5 weeks.  Yes, thanks for asking, I get paid paternity leave now, my German overlords knew precisely how to sell me on the prospect of being a "lifer." Deutschland, Deutschland über alles!

My stouthearted brothers in conspiracy can fill in where they have time, but it summertiiiiiiiime(great, now I have Kenny Chesney stuck in my head), so yeah, Polka Mass to your hearts content and I won't even complain about them.  I have a few things I'm hoping to get done, and hopefully some pictures of the churches of our motherland here.

My heart goes out to the Christians in the Middle East and elsewhere who suffer persecutions and genocide and the hands of Islamic militants, you may notice my profile on Twitter and Facebook reflect this.

If you do see anything of interest for us out here, feel free to email it to me.  I'll post it when I have a chance.

La Crosse parish hosts Adoration for WI Marriage Amendment Appeal July 26

The State of Wisconsin recently petitioned the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit to overturn a ruling that the Wisconsin law recognizing marriage as between one man-one woman is unconstitutional. A similar situation occurred in Indiana recently, so the U.S. Court of Appeals in Chicago will be hearing both appeals at the same time. A series of judicial rulings in late July and early August will determine the outcome. Catholics in both Wisconsin and Indiana have been in communication and are organizing spiritual opportunities for the Faithful. The time for prayer before Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament in support of marriage is now!

The USCCB has asked for Eucharistic Holy Hours on the last Sundays of the month for protection of life, marriage and religious freedom. Please join us at St. James the Less Catholic Church, (1032 Caledonia St., La Crosse, WI) on Saturday, July 26, the Feast of St. Joachim and St. Anne, with Eucharistic Adoration beginning after the Saturday evening Mass at 5:30 pm and continuing all night until Sunday, July 27 with Benediction and Reposition before the 7:30 am Mass. To sign up for a time please call or email me (608) 790-8998 or Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us!
St James - La Crosse 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Fanatic Friday: Tacky edition

Warning: ... it's weird.

In case you were unaware, Weird Al released a new album this week.

"Weird: The Al Yankovic Story"

PioneerPress: Priests who don't make headlines, but do make a difference

Joseph Grodahl of Richfield prays at the Cathedral of St. Paul on Wednesday, July 9, 2014. "This is where I found a real home,." Grodahl says of the Catholic Church, which he joined in 2009. (Pioneer Press: Ginger Pinson)
Priests bear witness to the best and worst of times: baptisms and weddings, illnesses, troubled marriages, deaths. Some have become the subject of news because of their crimes. Many others log exhaustive hours for subsistence pay, not perfect but nonetheless committed to walking the talk of Christian ministry.

This is the story of six of them, as described by those whose lives they have touched.
continue at Pioneer Press

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CMR: Welcome to Tim's Place

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... It seems to me years ago we were always discussing the Polka Mass.

.... The Polka Mass has ZERO connection with European Culture, as we've discussed before, its a byproduct of tacky liturgical innovation in 1970.  St. John Paul II did not celebrate a Polka Mass, this is an American phenomenon:
The first polka mass was created by Father George Balasko in 1972 and the idea was spread by Father Frank Perkovich throughout the '70s and '80s.[16] Both were polka musicians. In composing a polka mass, a musician either alters the lyrics of polka pieces to become more appropriate for a spiritual setting or creates an entirely new piece of polka-style music to sing with the usual sacred text.[16] Robert Walser argues that the exuberant polka music motivates participants to "worship more vigorously." He also asserts that the polka mass "brings the community into the church" because it involves music and lyrics that the congregations are more familiar with.[16]
We know they happen all over the place.   The frustrating part is that as far as music goes, Vatican II gives absolutely clear instruction on the matter. In all honesty, I'd love to know how one comes to the conclusion that a Polka Mass is a faithful representation of authentic Catholic worship.  Instead of a yearly Solemn High Mass or orchestrated Mass, or some other Catholic cultural devotion, these parishes innovate, but not in the true and organic way innovation happens(and should happen) but in an artificial manner where the baby is thrown out with the bath water.

I still get people trying to comment on a four year old post on the matter.  We are "cranky" for desiring what the Church teaches on liturgy, and we should "get over it."  Polka Mass Catholics are out there, and they are "evangelizing" us all in 2/4 time.

Man, I could rant for a while.  Folks desiring to connect with Catholic European culture...  and this is what they pick..... I have to get some work done today.  I'm sure his excellency supports anything he feels energizes his flock.

Gregorian and also vernacular chant music was created for the communal worship God.  Polka music was invented for dance.

Love of baseball, chance to evangelize lead Iowa priest to do play-by-play

SIOUX CITY, Iowa — From the back, all the men in the press box at the Sioux City Explorers baseball game looked the same.

That is, until one swiveled in his seat to take a swig of his Pepsi and the white of a Roman collar appeared.

For the past decade, Fr. Craig Collison has been the play-by-play announcer for the Xs, whose home ballpark is Lewis and Clark Stadium in Sioux City.

“I got involved with the Xs, as I do with much of my public address activity, through a telephone call from them,” he explained. “It seems their regular public address announcer at the time got called up to active duty in the military and needed to leave. The general manager called me and asked if I would be interested in the position for the second half of their season that year and I consented.”

Fr. Collison commits to the home games of the Explorers for the season, with a particular caveat.

“The understanding is that anything with my priestly ministry comes first,” he told The Catholic Globe, newspaper of the Sioux City Diocese. “In other words, if someone would die and I would have a vigil service to lead and there happened to be a game scheduled, the Explorers would find a substitute for me at the game. The same holds true for weddings and wedding rehearsals that were scheduled.”
continue at Superior CH

Good article, worth the read.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Blessed Martyrs of Compiègne, orate pro nobis!

On 17 July 1794, in the closing days of the Reign of Terror led by Robespierre, sixteen Carmelite nuns of the Catholic Church were guillotined at the Barrière de Vincennes (nowadays Place de la Nation) in Paris. They were buried in a common grave at the Picpus Cemetery, where a single cross today marks the remains of 1,306 victims of the guillotine.

A mere handful of the French Revolution's victims, they have commanded the attention of historians, hagiographers, authors, playwrights, composers, and librettists for two hundred years. In the course of the 20th century, the Martyrs of Compiègne have been the subject of a massive scholarly history, a German novella, a French play, a film, and Francis Poulenc's opera Dialogues of the Carmelites. In 1902, Pope Leo XIII declared the nuns Venerable, the first step toward canonization. They were later beatified by Pope St. Pius Xin May 1906: Carmelites celebrate the memory of the prioress, Blessed Teresa of St. Augustine (Lidoine), and her fifteen companions on 17 July, and Catholics may adopt them as patrons. The bicentenary of their death was observed in 1994; many are petitioning for their canonization.
The irritated judge vomited a torrent of offenses against her [Mother Henriette de Jesus], and then said: “It is your attachment to your Religion and the King.”

Hearing these words, she replied, “I thank you for the explanation.” Then, addressing her companion Carmelites, she said: “My dear Mother and my Sisters, we must rejoice and give thanks to God for we die for our Religion, our Faith, and for being members of the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

Edward Snowden urges priests to upgrade security

The NSA whistleblower, Edward Snowden, has urged lawyers, journalists, doctors, accountants, priests and others with a duty to protect confidentiality to upgrade security in the wake of the spy surveillance revelations.
He added: "If we confess something to our priest inside a church that would be private, but is it any different if we send our pastor a private email confessing a crisis that we have in our life?"
interview at The Guardian

CNA: Green Bay "CatholicFest" mixes camping, encounter with truth, beauty

Green Bay, Wis., Jul 14, 2014 / 04:56 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- For the past three years now, Catholic families in the Diocese of Green Bay and beyond have been marking their calendars for July 4th, and not just because it’s Independence Day.

Since 2012, families have camped out by Kangaroo Lake near Bailey’s Harbor, Wisc., for CatholicFest, an event over the holiday weekend that offers a chance to pray, meet other Catholic families, and experience truth, beauty and goodness in the arts.

“Our society is attacking the family, it’s under attack,” CatholicFest director Jen Lowery told CNA.

“But I think CatholicFest seeks to really minister to families….it’s just to come up and experience the good, the true and the beautiful through those mediums and to be together.”

Families register online for a camping spot on the grounds of the St. Joseph formation center. Once they arrive, their schedule includes prayer and Mass, as well as presentations by Catholic artists on film, art or literature. In the evening, up-and-coming Catholic artists give concerts on the back lawn.
continue at Catholic New Agency 


Cardinal George: Our "vaunted American liberties" are "all being traded off in favor of freedom of sexual expression"

Francis Cardinal George, in his most recent column in Catholic New World, reflects on the nature of religious freedom in the United States, and masterfully connects a number of important, related points in doing so:

In this country, we do not fear being killed for our faith. What, then, are we afraid of? We are afraid that the institutions that perform the works of mercy that have been integral to the church’s mission for centuries will be forced to become, effectively, government institutions, given permission to exist only if they do not act as Catholic. At stake are Catholic hospitals, Catholic universities and Catholic social services, precisely as Catholic. At stake also is a society that once permitted many different voices and faiths to contribute to the common good without compromising their collective conscience.

The issue has clustered around the HHS mandate that insists that any institution serving the public must treat women’s fertility as an enemy to be suppressed for the sake of women’s freedom. In fact, the government has made many exceptions to this rule, but has steadfastly refused to exempt Catholic institutions. The issue is therefore in the courts.

The imposition of a definition of marriage that destroys the natural meaning of marital union is becoming another test case for religious liberty. The law now holds that men and women are interchangeable in marriage, as if children did not need both a mother and a father to be born and raised with some security. These are laws that mark societies in decline, demographically as well as morally.
continue at Catholic World Report

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