Journal Sentinel posts first article in a ten part series on the murder of Fr. Alfred Kunz

Deputy David Cattanach was on his way to check on a wounded cat when a more pressing call came over the radio: Someone had suffered an injury at St. Michael School. A fall maybe. Or an accident. The dispatcher mentioned blood on the floor.

The kitten would have to wait.

Cattanach turned onto the winding road that led to the rural Wisconsin town of Dane, population 621, give or take a few. It was a sunny March morning in 1998, more spring than winter, and the roads were clear.

A few minutes into his 10-mile drive, another radio call came through: The man on the floor of the school wasn’t just injured; he was dead.
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Retired Detective Linda Pederson Honer said in an interview that she personally interviewed two women who admitted having sexual relationships with Kunz, but she would not give their names.

Now it could be that there were romantic relationships... but if these were proven to be false, it seems to indicate a larger conspiracy is in play....

Iowa 'fetal heartbeat' abortion restriction declared unconstitutional

An Iowa judge struck down a state law Tuesday banning a woman from obtaining an abortion once a fetus' heartbeat is detected, saying it violated the state's constitution.

Judge Michael Huppert wrote that the measure was counter to "both the due process and equal protection provisions of the Iowa Constitution as not being narrowly tailored to serve the compelling state interest of promoting potential life." Huppert also cited several cases in federal court, including decisions in 2015 and 2016 in the St. Louis-based 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, indicating that such laws were unconstitutional.

The legal challenge by abortion providers Planned Parenthood of the Heartland and the Emma Goldman Clinic kept the law from taking effect last July.

Fetal heartbeats can be detected as early as six weeks into a pregnancy, making the Iowa law the most restrictive anti-abortion measure in the U.S.
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As expected.  We will see if SCOTUS will cower in fear or not. 

Understanding why Miller Park will be no more

The Brewers are still named the Brewers and that name still pays homage to the rich brewing history here in the Milwaukee and Wisconsin area.

Every fan wants the Brewers to spend money, get big name free agents but the reality is, the Brewers are in the smallest media market in all of baseball. They HAVE to generate revenue and this is one way of doing it. If Miller won’t pay up, then bye bye. What’s so hard to understand?

By the way, AM FAM employs over 8.000 people and many of them live and work and spend their money right here in Wisconsin. Miller is now Miller Coors and is based in Canada. Get over it.

If you’re a BREWERS fan and understand the economics of baseball, you may not like it but you know it will benefit your team. If you’re a beer drinking chughead who wants to live in the bottom of a glass and hold on to old fables that are no longer relevant, well then belly up to the bar and drink more because it’s going to take a LOT of beer sales to ever get it back to “Miller Park”.
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Sen Tammy Baldwin's anti-Catholic bias kills a judicial nomination by President Donald Trump

First reported by WISN’s Mark Belling on Tuesday, respected Milwaukee attorney Gordon Giampietro will not be among the impressive group of legal minds elevated to the federal bench by President Donald Trump.

That truly unfortunate news reflects an apparent decision by Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC) not to challenge Senator Tammy Baldwin’s belated, 11th-hour use of a religious test to block Giampietro. As a result, according to my sources, the White House reluctantly has decided not to renominate Giampietro to replace the late Judge Rudolph Randa. Giampietro’s nomination expired at the end of the last session of Congress.

I recently described Baldwin’s flip-flop after initially submitting Giampietro’s name, along with Senator Ron Johnson, to Trump. Baldwin’s phony claim that Giampietro didn’t make proper disclosures was a fig leaf. The real reason was revealed when none other than a Baldwin appointee to Wisconsin’s judicial nominating commission publicly accused Giampietro of “bigoted” views, views that in fact represent orthodox Catholic teaching.
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Continue to read the rest.  Gordon was also instrumental in his work (pro bono) in the widely acclaimed Milwaukee School Choice Program.

Shelter For Homeless Women And Children Opens In Waseca MN

WASECA, MN - A housing complex for homeless women and children has officially opened in Waseca.

Bethlehem Inn started operating on January 1st. Three new staff members are being trained this week.

The shelter will house up to 16 people, who will be allowed to stay for 90 days.
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Cistercian Sisters invite the public to view and venerate the relics

PRAIRIE DU SAC -- Our communion with the saints is a reality we too often forget. Throughout the history of the Church, the intercession and example of the saints have strengthened and inspired all the faithful, while their relics have been both objects of veneration and sources of miraculous graces.

Relics, from the Latin reliquiae, “remains, remnants,” are of three classes. First class relics are the material remains, in whole or in part, of a saint; second class relics are objects or fragments of objects that a saint owned or used; and third class relics are objects that have been touched to the remains or belongings of a saint.
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'Jayme is home': Barron County church holds service to honor missing teen's return

CAMERON - For 88 days, the people of Barron County prayed that Jayme Closs would be found.

On Sunday night, the community turned to church for a different sort of prayer — one expressing gratitude for the 13-year-old's safe return home.

Family, friends and neighbors gathered at St. Peter Catholic Church in Cameron for a prayer service to honor Jayme, who freed herself from the northern Wisconsin home of Jake Thomas Patterson on Jan. 10 after nearly three months in captivity. Patterson is charged with shooting and killing Jayme's parents, James and Denise Closs, on Oct. 15, abducting her and holding her in his Town of Gordon home.
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Rachel Campos-Duffy: Stay-at-Home Motherhood Has Been Disparaged for Too Long

As a married mother of eight, the sacrifices made by stay-at-home moms is a topic that is near and dear to my heart.

I was an at-home mom for 14 years before I decided to go back to work for a myriad of reasons - not the least of which was financial. But those years at home were the most important years of my life. I learned so much about myself being an at-home parent.

Those years helped me build my confidence as a parent, which has proven to be so important to me as I juggle my current work in and out of our home.

Having been on both sides - an at-home mom and working outside the home - I do NOT believe that being at home makes you a better parent. In fact, for the at-home parent, there will actually be more opportunities to fall short of one’s expectations because there are so many more opportunities for interaction and failure. But that also means there are more occasions to reconcile and plenty of time to learn about and from one another in the process.
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Bp. Ricken almost elected to head USCCB Committee on Divine Worship

BALTIMORE—At the 2018 General Assembly in Baltimore this past November, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) elected Archbishop Leonard P. Blair, Archdiocese of Hartford, CT, as chairman-elect of the Committee on Divine Worship in a 132 to 113 vote over Bishop David L. Ricken, Diocese of Green Bay, WI.
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Jayme Closs has been found, but nearly 50 other children missing from Wisconsin need your help

Last week, Jayme Closs was joyously reunited with her family, but many other families in Wisconsin are still hoping their missing children will come home.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) maintains a database of missing kids. There are currently about 50 children from Wisconsin who have been reported missing. Some of the kids have been missing for just weeks, some of them, years.

"What happens with a story like this, children naturally start asking who else is missing. Are there other children out there with this situation,” said Angeline Hartmann, director of media for the NCMEC. “Sadly, I can tell you right now, there is a child who is being held against their will in a similar situation."

The organization works to bring awareness to every missing child, even though some cases (like Jayme Closs’) get more attention from the media.
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'Souls need prayer:' Statue at Basilica of St. Josaphat destroyed

One of the statues at Milwaukee's Basilica of St. Josaphat was destroyed over the weekend, the Rev. John Clote said.

"Souls need prayer," he wrote on Twitter with a photo of the statue that was destroyed on Saturday. "Please pray an 'Our Father' for them asking Jesus to shower them with graces for true Conversion.""Souls need prayer," he wrote on Twitter with a photo of the statue that was destroyed on Saturday. "Please pray an 'Our Father' for them asking Jesus to shower them with graces for true Conversion."
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Planned Parenthood sues State of Wisconsin to overturn some abortion restrictions

MADISON - Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin asked a federal judge Wednesday to strike down laws that prevent nurses from performing abortions and limit the ability of women to obtain medications that induce abortions.
In its filing in federal court in Madison, Planned Parenthood seeks to invalidate state laws that allow only doctors to perform abortions. The group contends advanced practice nurses — such as nurse practitioners and nurse-midwives — should be able to perform certain types of abortions.
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Local March for Life - Wisconsin set for Jan 22

Milwaukee Catholics attend SEEK conference by FOCUS

And they are right back to work in Milwaukee. Has anyone attended these events?

Msgr. James Bartylla discusses role as diocesan administrator

MADISON -- “The general rule is that a diocesan administrator can do whatever a diocesan bishop can do, but with some important limitations, and of course, a priest elected as the diocesan administrator isn’t a consecrated bishop, and therefore doesn’t possess the sacramental grace and character of the episcopacy,” said Msgr. James Bartylla in discussing his role as diocesan administrator of the Diocese of Madison.

On November 26, two days after the death of Bishop Robert C. Morlino, the College of Consultors -- a body of nine diocesan priests -- elected Monsignor Bartylla as diocesan administrator. He had been the vicar general for Bishop Morlino.

“Upon the death of a bishop, all vicars general and episcopal vicars lose their offices,” noted Monsignor Bartylla. “The College of Consultors assumes governance of the diocese upon the death of the bishop.”
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Chicago March for Life this Sunday

Prayers answered! Sheriff says Jayme Closs found alive in Douglas Co.


Jayme Closs has been located

On Thursday evening the Barron County Sheriff’s Department was notified by the Douglas CO WI Sheriff’s Department that they had located Jayme Closs alive.

Shortly after this a suspect was taken into custody in regards to this case. We do not any other details at this time as this is a very fluid and active investigation. We will not be answering any questions or taking calls on this tonight.

We are planning a press briefing approximately 10 am tomorrow at the Sheriff’s Department in Barron. We are receiving support from the FBI and WI DCI agents as this investigation continues.
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Update: Northern Wisconsin residents describe the moments they found Jayme Closs

'I went to her and she just sort of grabbed onto me,' says retired social worker who found Jayme Closs

Community Mass and reception set for new Green Bay hospitals CEO

GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- The public is invited to welcome a newly-appointed Green Bay hospitals president with a Mass.

Brian Charlier took over as CEO of HSHS St. Vincent and St. Mary's Hospitals on Jan. 1.

A Mass will be held in his honor, Tuesday, Jan. 22 at the HSHS St. Vincent Hospital chapel at 5:30 p.m.

Most Reverend David L. Ricken, DD, JCL, Bishop of the Diocese of Green Bay will celebrate the Mass.
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