Bishop Ricken of Green Bay takes on CCHD reform

Bishop David Ricken the shepherd of Green Bay WI has taken it upon himself to clean up the mess the CCHD has created in his diocese.  He hopes to prevent his flock from funding abortion and homosexual "marriage" through Sunday collections.
Last Fall, Bishop David L. Ricken became aware of some inconsistencies between the principles of the Gamaliel Foundation and the teachings of the Catholic Church. The Gamaliel Foundation's affiliate organization in Wisconsin is WISDOM; two local affiliates of WISDOM are JOSHUA in Green Bay and ESTHER in the Fox Cities. About 18 Catholic parishes belong to either JOSHUA or ESTHER.
Read the letter posted by The Compass (GB diocesan newspaper) 

Last November Bp Robert Morlino, Madison(another Wisconsin bishop) has also decided to withhold any funds from CCHD until his own investigation can be made to understand what went wrong. also picked up on the story.

I have also blogged on some of the previous developments. 

Quite frankly I do not understand the usefulness of the CCHD at all.

Dad29 has more on the latest findings   We are talking about alot of money here coming out of the collection plate.  Will Milwaukee, Superior and La Crosse follow suite?


Dad29 said...

It's important to distinguish CCHD from the JOSHUA/ESTHER gang in Green Bay and environs.

CCHD is a USCC-run grant-making operation which has some rather sketchy friends. Some of the contributions went to groups such as those below.

JOSHUA/ESTHER/Gamaliel (et al), are membership organizations (parishes have joined them, for a fee) which are Alinsky-ite in nature. They also have a few sketchy friends, but that's not the principal problem with them. The principal problem is that they are political agitators. Yes, there are some "good" causes which they espouse.

But why should RC parishes join them (and send money) when the same sort of thing can be done by individual Catholics, or a group of like-minded Catholics operating WITHOUT the Alinsky-based structure?

Badger Catholic said...

I see, so this would not be a normal CCHD collection(like all parishes have every fall). In addition to the normal USCCB CCHD contributions, these parishes also directly contribute to the groups in question. Thank you for the distinction.

It is almost worse in a sense since the parishes have entered direct relationships with the group.

I understand that some of these causes are "good" but I completely agree that Catholics who are interested can work directly with the group instead of ...well as you so aptly put it Alinsky-ing a parish.

MDHichborn said...

I wanted to let you know that our latest video report on the CCHD is up, and you can view it here:

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God Bless!