Homicidal maniac from Madison pays for 19,000 abortions, not enough, wants more

MADISON — At all hours, strangers phone Anne Nicol Gaylor's Madison home, always desperate.

The caller one recent morning was a middle-aged woman with a 14-year-old pregnant daughter. [I hope you contacted authorities to investigate?  Was this young of a girl assaulted by an older man??]

"What clinic will she be using?" asked Gaylor, 83, jotting down the response and the cost of a second-trimester abortion ($875).

"If we helped with $300, do you think you could find the rest?" Gaylor asked.

After the call, Gaylor opened a checkbook for the Women's Medical Fund, a Madison nonprofit that has helped pay for abortions for 34 years. Gaylor has written every check for every abortion.

This was No. 18,986. [F***ing incredible]

Controversial figure [Do you mean mass murderer?]

Gaylor is well-known for leading the Freedom From Religion Foundation in Madison[LOL, go figure!  Change the title to Freedom from Life Foundation] for decades. Less known is her work with the Women's Medical Fund[To Kill Defenseless Children], which she co-founded in 1976, the same year she helped start the foundation.

The fund's sole purpose is to pay for abortions.  [So what if a women wanted money to pay for a birth???] Last year, it paid out $162,202, about 75 percent of which came from individual donors, the rest from foundations.

There is no office and no paid staff. Gaylor, whose title is administrator, takes all of the calls — some 800 a year — at her dining room table on her home phone, the same one her four children and two granddaughters reach her on. There is no answering machine.

"It would burden anyone else to deal with all those calls," said her husband, Paul Gaylor, 84, a former vice president for a building maintenance company. "But she listens to every woman and cares for every single one of them."

The phone number isn't widely circulated. Women get referred from [wealthy] clinics, doctors and nurses.

"When you give money away, people find you," said Anne Nicol Gaylor, a petite woman with grayish-white hair and a soft voice. [Well at least her voice is soft, otherwise I'd think she was a monster!]

'All about the child' [WTF?!]

The Supreme Court legalized abortion three years before the fund began, but many women simply couldn't afford the procedure, said Bob West, 82, of Madison, a professor emeritus of chemistry and co-founder of the fund with his wife, Margaret West, now deceased, and Gaylor. The three had become friends through the Madison chapter of the group Zero Population Growth. [LOL!  Okay well that explains this whole thing finally.  They don't care about any of the people involved, after all they are destroying the planet.  Do they pay for forced abortions too?]

"For me, it was all about the child," he said. "In the kind of world I want to live in, all children would be wanted." [By whom?  Society wants children, it's just fruit loops like you who want them dead]

Gaylor said her motivation came from a doctor who told her about a girl who was raped by her father and had to drop out of high school to raise the child. "Those kind of stories are so numerous and so tragic," Gaylor said. [...how does abortion un-rape the girl?]

She sends out fundraising letters at least once a year, often tying the appeal to a significant event, such as Mother's Day.

"Of the 632 women the fund has helped so far this year, 147 were teenagers," Gaylor wrote to donors last Thanksgiving. "Of these, nine were only 13 years old, and one, not yet a teen, was just 12!" [I hope you can live with the psychological and health consequences those teenage girls must now live with Mrs. Gaylor.]

Gaylor used the occasion of her 80th birthday to hold a fundraising party for the fund at the Madison home of Dr. Dennis Christensen, an abortion provider who has since retired. [Hmm, no conflict of interest here.]  Gaylor sent invitations far afield, including one to a well-to-do woman in California she'd never met but who had donated to the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

The woman sent her regrets and a $20,000 check.

The other side

Anti-abortion activists have long been aware of the fund.

"It's a stark example of misguided compassion that serves as discrimination of the worst kind," said Peggy Hamill, state director of Pro-Life Wisconsin. "To finance extermination of pre-born children because those children would have been brought up poor is deplorable." [Exactly, this is Margaret Sanger to a T.  Exterminate the poor and minorities, Mrs Gaylor doesn't want to have to look at those filthy half humans]
Gaylor said no one is chasing down low-income pregnant woman. They're simply the ones who come to her. "If that's discrimination, so be it," she said. She thinks critics would view the fund differently if they heard the calls.

"We get calls, too," counters Sue Armacost, legislative director for Wisconsin Right to Life. "We understand how heartbreaking some situations are, but the answer is not urging and assisting a woman to destroy her child." [How many of those teenagers committed suicide I wonder?]

Gaylor does not mention slowing down. "My regret is that we don't have $1 million a year to give away so that we could help more women," she said.  [Homicidal maniac.]

The rest from Wisconsin State Journal
Women seeking information about the fund should inquire at a clinic that provides abortions. The fund can be reached at P.O. Box 248, Madison, WI 53701.


  1. Quite a paradox, here, don't you agree? "Gaylor used the occasion of her 80th birthday to hold a fundraising party for the fund."
    BIRTH day!

  2. I suggest that as many Pro-Life people as possible write to the fund and pose as a woman seeking money for an abortion. (Yes it is lying but see below).

    Once you get a check from Anne Nicol Gaylor's fund, turn around and donate the money to a Pro-Life organization.

    Take her money and use it to save lives instead of taking them.

  3. This gal (Annie) sounds like "Li'l Orphan Annie" on any radio interviews I've heard (NPR, of course!:<p)but she's nasty, hateful and bigoted.
    And now this.
    The blood of the innocent cry for justice, Annie, dear.
    You're gonna see God soon.
    I tremble as I type. Jesus, mercy!

  4. A "Catholic" using the abbreviation "WTF"? Wow...

    And what's it to you what this woman does with her money? Also, you're a man--you never need worry about getting pregnant. You'll never in your lifetime know how any of these women or girls feel. Walk a mile in their shoes, sir. Several miles. Then sit there and judge them. Oh, and by the way, God commanded us not to judge one another; also the Bible says nothing about abortion. Not one single word.

  5. Anon, you seem to be under a common misunderstanding that abortion is something new to history. It is not. I recommend reading this to get a clearer understanding.

    Since you put this in the frame of a Catholic apologetic critique, you should know well that Catholics come to know Truth by Sacred Scriptures, Sacred Tradition, and the Magisterium(and not by Sola Scriptura). If you can tell me where in the Bible "God commanded us not to judge one another" we can start there, and I would be happy to go into a more in depth discussion with you. Population control is also not one of the mentioned virtues, so I would suggest not treating it as such.

    PS> I hope you take time to pray for Ms. Gaylor as I have asked my readers to do.


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