What is a Sconnie?

Anne from Imprisoned in my Bones observed an interesting little tidbit and ask a fair question.
Anne said...
Also, I have to ask, what is a Sconnie?
 Anne is taking note of my bio on the right side:
A husband, father of three, Sconnie, Traditional minded Papist, covering local, state, and other issues affecting this guy.
 Well to answer in brief, Wikitionary defines Sconnie as
Proper noun

  1. (affectionate) A person or people from the U.S. state of Wisconsin.
 The Etymology!  Where does this word come from!?!  If we look through studies of ancient cave carvings we can see that originally this word came from an affectionate form of Wisconsinite; Wisconnie; which as its root appears our Wis-SCONNIE! 

Mystery solved!

If you want to see Sconnies in action, here is a clip...

Now for a deeper answer, I'd have to sit back and think about it..... which I may just do. 


  1. Thanks for the info. Now I am a bit embarrassed because I have lived in Wisconsin my entire life so you would think that I would have heard that before! Everyday is a chance to learn something new, isn't it? So from one Sconnie to another-thanks for the answer and thanks for the great blog!

  2. Thanks Anne! Really I think the word only started getting used when a Madison based company started(maybe in 2000 or so) producing red Badgers shirts except instead of saying Wisconsin they said Sconnie. (pictured above)

  3. PS> You can check out http://sconnie.com if you want to advertise your Sconnie-ness...


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