Who is the new priest at St Mary's church in Tomah, you ask?

Why none other than the diocesan administrator Msgr Richard Gilles!  At least that is the word on the street.  Grazie mille to my trusty sidekick for the info.

I know Monsignor Gilles has wanted to have a parish for some time.  He's been stuck in the diocesan curia for many years now and has never actually been assigned a pastor.  His biography is available on the Cathedral website

If anybody deserves a break from curia life, its Msgr Gilles.  He's had to run the show during the last two bishop vacancies, and had to deal with three different major priest scandals in the last six months.

I think Msgr. Gilles is a great priest and parishioners in Tomah will be pleased to have him.

So who takes over at Vicar General?  Good question. We will see.  But I'm willing to bet that he will be better than this guy....


  1. You seem to view this appointment differently than I do.

    To me, this seems like a 'demotion', in effect.

    I was under the impression that he was perfectly happy with his position.

    You may be more familar with Msgr. Gilles than I am, however.

  2. Hmm, I guess I didn't even think of it, a good point. Yes, that definitely could look to be a demotion. I've asked Msgr. Gilles about becoming a bishop before, and basically he is willing to go wherever he is needed. But he said he really has just wanted to be a parish priest. The fact he has never been a pastor of a flock made him feel like he was missing something from his priesthood(which I think is completely understandable). Basically his knowledge of CIC got him where he is at now.

    I guess one could take it as a demotion or as a voluntary assignment. I tend to think the latter. Regardless if one thinks his actions right or wrong, I'm sure I'd want to get out of the kitchen for a while after that roaster.

  3. I think Msgr. Gilles will make a fine pastor.
    He is a fine priest; someone who has had more to bear than most.
    Knowing him, I would wager to say that he finds this as a "promotion"; maybe not in the sense of "ecclesiastical climin' the ladder"; but to be a spiritual father and shepherd of souls. God bless him; Mary keep him!
    And, Matt, since I'm not normally a gamblin' man (this would create another scandal, I'm afraid:<)!!), I won't put any money down on your wager; but I agree: Bishop Callahan is going to appoint a priest that will NOT look like the post you linked to...OY!

  4. LOL Father! Yes, and I agree with your comments.

  5. Turns out Msgr. will continue as Vicar General but not as Moderator of the Curia...

  6. Monsignor Gilles help out at my parish, the Cathedral Parish, with mass and confessions. I will miss him. But he will not be too far away.


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