Follow up on bomb near Green Bay church

An explosives threat near a school, church, and Family Services on Green Bay's east side was averted Thursday afternoon.

According to police, a woman called just before 2 P.M. and said she found explosives in their garage, put them in the trunk of her car, and was bringing them to the police station.

She stopped to meet a friend near the 600-block of South Irwin Street, the car was close to St. Thomas More Catholic School, St. Mary of the Angels Catholic Church, and Family Services.

In a discussion with the friend, she decided not to drive any farther and called police again.

Officers determined the explosives are railroad-type, pressure-sensitive blasting caps. They were wired, and it wasn't known how stable they are, but police believed if there was an explosion the threat would be a 50- to 70-foot radius.

They evacuated the Family Services offices, and parents were instructed to pick up students in the back of St. Thomas More school. There were no activities at the church.

The bomb squad safely removed the blasting caps and will properly dispose of them, police say.

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But how did they get in her garage in the first place.


NCSue said...

I either more cowardly or smarter than she was. There's no WAY I'd be loading a bomb in my car and driving around with it!!!!

Dad29 said...

I'll agree w/Sue.

Sometimes you wonder about the IQ...