Well, Was the WI Vote Conservative, or Pro-Life?

From Dad29
Naturally, there are lots of people taking credit for the election results, just like Newt Gingrich is taking credit for the Revolution of 1994.

So--was the Wisconsin event a victory for Pro-Lifers or for Conservatives? I'd argue that the categories are virtually congruent, properly understood.

One ledge-dweller blames the Wisconsin Catholic Bishops.

Before the election, the Wisconsin Catholic Conference sent out a mailer basicly [sic] saying that if you don't vote for candidates based on a very narrow range of prioritized issues, you're not a Catholic

He goes on to quote the Bishops on "right to life" and "nature of marriage."

As could be expected, he uses loony rhetoric, too. One does not become 'un-Catholic' by voting for abortion or gay "marriage." One DOES have a conscience problem, though.


If the Catholic Bishop [sic] want to be a GOP front group, then the Democrats in this state need to stop looking the other way and take on the Catholic Bishops head-on.

Please do!! I'm perfectly willing to instruct the Bishops on armed self-defense. (They won't ask for that instruction, of course.)

Take your best shot: neither Listecki, nor Morlino, nor Ricken, nor Callahan were directly involved in covering up the homosexual predator/priests, so your attacks will have to be on other grounds.

Alienating actual Catholics? Go for it!!

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