Father Z's problems with Sparta's Laser Monks

A while ago I ordered some printer products from LaserMonks, Cistercian Monks who sell recycled and new stuff for computer printers as well as quite a few other things as well.  A great idea right?  They have been around for a while.

I used them once before.  The cartridge I got for a laser printer was, I believe, the culprit which effectively deep-sixed that printer.  I hadn’t used them since.
Just recently I saw they had a promotion going and decided to give them another shot, since I was in real need of cartridges for my color ink-jet printer.

I ordered stuff on 8 January – 20 days ago.  I received my confirmation.  Everything was paid for.  I didn’t pay for the fastest shipping method, thanks be to God, but…

20 days later I still don’t have the things I bought from LaserMonks.

They should have arrived in just a few days.

I wrote two emails to them.  No response.  I called, twice.  The first time, during business hours, I couldn’t get to a human being.  The second time, I got someone who explained that they were having some problems filling orders, but that I would have my order by Wednesday (two days ago).  Still nothing.

Today I received an email from LaserMonks explaining that their recent growth has created problems for orders and emails.

All I can say is, when it comes to LaserMonks, caveat emptor.

Other people will have, I am sure, positive experiences with LaserMonks.  So far, I have not.  I share this that you may be more aware of what you may be getting into.

If you have anything time sensitive going on, if your business depends on reliable delivery so you can do your own thing, know what you are getting into.  I can’t speak about their own products… since I haven’t received them.

If they can correct their obvious problems, my tune may change…. if I can ever be convinced to try them again.  If they can ever convince me to try them again.

If people want to post their positive experiences with LaserMonks, they should feel free to do so. 
Father Z


  1. It seems obvious that they are having some difficulties brought about, as they say, by the phenomenal growth of their business. However, I hope that folks will give them the opportunity to get things worked out since this is how an outstanding house of monastic life is making itself a viable and long-term presence in our diocese. And the good Lord knows that we can use all the prayer we can get! They are good men whom I know personally, and I am sure that they will get things worked out. Please pray for them.

  2. An opportunity to practice patience? Seventy times seven? Father, please reconsider your post. Gratefully, Anonymous

  3. Fr Z clarified in the comments on his post:

    What I am getting from this is: if you don’t care when the stuff comes, they aren’t so bad.

    I would rather buy stuff from monks than from, say, Office Max. Are you kidding? Of course!

    But when I buy it and they say it is going to be delivered, and I bought it because I need it,… I just wish it would come.

    I look forward to reading more comments with positive experiences.

  4. I am having an issue as well. I have been a loyal customer of this business for years and have enjoyed the quality and savings...... with that being said, I have had the same issues.

    I placed two orders, one on 1/10 and a second on 1/17 with no luck in receiving my orders to date (1/31). I have emailed and called multiple times with absolutely no response. I've always been able to reach someone in the rare occurrence of a problem, and they have always been gracious and accommodating. This is no longer the case. The one time I was able to reach someone instead of the "Lasermonks general voicemail", she took the Lord's name in vain when speaking of her computer system and its problems. She then confirmed my phone number and told me she would call me back in a couple of minutes after she could hunt down my orders' tracking info. As you can expect, the return call never got to me.

    It seems as if the monastery has farmed out their customer service to an outside agency. One can only assume this by the total lack of response by customer service.

    I contacted my credit union about placing a chargeback and was informed that I can do that only after waiting 30 days from the expected day of receipt. Its a shame it had to come to this because I have never had issues with this fine organization before.

  5. I placed an order on Jan. 2nd and one month later I still hadn't received my order or any replies to my multiple e-mails or phone calls. I had no choice but to file a dispute with my credit card company and received a refund from Lasermonks one day later.

    I would much rather spend my money with a company like Lasermonks but this has been the single worse experience I have had with any online purchase.

    I understand no one wants to turn away potential business but why is there nowhere on their very professional looking web site a explanation about their problems with growth.

    Even after the refund I still have heard nothing from them. I have been much more patient with Lasermonks than I would have with a large retailer but this is not a new company they are now established and you can find all kinds of stories about their growth and the millions in sales they now make with no mention of problems.

    This being my first dealings with Lasermonks will unfortunately be my last. My experience may be unique but the fact that I still have received no reply make me feel that as a customer I don't matter.

  6. February 15, 2011
    Ditto,Ditto, Ditto.
    I have purchased my ink jet cartridges from Laser Monks for years and even their Monastery products as gifts. I used to get my ink within five to seven days max- (naturally I live next door in Michigan). I have been waiting and waiting for my current order. Forget the phone, no one ever answers. Forget emails, no one ever responds. I used to be able to talk to a real person but that is a thing of the past. I know the little extra charged goes to worthwhile charities and I like that idea. So, I have already paid my credit card bill for ink I don't have. I doubt I will use Laser Monks again.

  7. Lasermonks has filed bankrupty, left hundreds of customers dissatisfied with unfulfilled orders and many vendors with unpaid balances. Father McCoy is no where to be found. How ironic that they got so much publicity because of their "ethics" and this is how it all ends.


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