RapidsTrib: Stevens Point remembers JPII 1976 visit

Mary Jane (Buss) Zdroik of Rosholt will be waiting eagerly today for news of the late Pope John Paul II's beatification, the last step before sainthood.

Zdroik, a devout Roman Catholic, is interested in all of the Vatican news, but this beatification has special meaning to her. She knew the late John Paul II, who was previously the Cardinal Karol Wojtyla, personally.

In August 1976, two years before Wojtyla became Pope, Zdroik and her husband, Maynard, hosted him for two days when he visited the Stevens Point area. From that day forward, the Zdroiks stayed in touch with him. Wojtyla blessed their home during his visit and even invited them to Poland for a visit in October 1978. Of course, when the Zdroiks arrived at Wojtyla's office, he wasn't there because he had been named Pope."My husband and I couldn't believe it," she said. "Everyone in the streets were just so jubilant. They kept saying 'New Pope!'"
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  1. Didn't he go to Marytown when he was here as well? I seem to remember that.

  2. Teryy, I'm not sure. I've looked around for more detailed coverage. Unfortunately there was a noticeable lack of bloggers in 1976 covering the visit... :\ Maybe someone from the area can comment with anything they remember.


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