St. Paul's Catholic Church, Bloomer, WI

While on vacation I visited a nice church in Bloomer, Wisconsin.  I think it must be the furthest north you can go before going into .... uh, a different place.  If I recall, every church in that town is named St. Paul's which made things a bit confusing, but if you just stay on the main drag, you eventually get to it.  The priest in his homily was even talking about praying the rosary every day for the conversion of sinners!  Deo gratias!  I really liked this side altar(right).  It had the contemporary thing going on, but it still had a symmetry and beauty that you don't see often in churches that remove their original interior.  I got the sense that this might have been a renovation of a wreckovation.  Another interesting note is that when they put in the choir loft, they had to cover some nice stained glass windows, one of which I think was St. George or St Michael.  You can see the whole set below.


  1. If I had to guess, I'd guess that they increased the size of the loft or tore out the staircases to the loft which did NOT originally block the windows.

  2. That's my home parish!! It is a product of a pretty bad wreck-o-vation. When I get home from FOCUS (the Fellowship of Catholic University Students) Missionary summer training I'll try to send pictures of the interior pre-wreck. We are very blessed to have the tabernacle back in its proper location and a few other positive changes since the wreck.
    I'm so glad you enjoyed your visit!

  3. I was by this church two summers ago and was only able the get a picture through the main door since the doors were locked. :(

    Kourtney - Thanks for the info on this parish. Glad to hear that some things are slowing being restored. I hope the carpet is next. :)


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