St Peter's Catholic Church, Tilden, WI

When my great grandfather immigrated from Austria, he settled in Tilden, WI.  I still have a great deal of family in the area and around Chippewa Falls.  I had never been in the church although I had been there before for my great aunt's burial in the cemetery behind the church(a Traditional Requiem Mass btw).  I should have got a shot of the servers vestments which were fantastic.  I've never seen them so well done.  A nice church, ordinary form of the Mass, it's been a month or so but I don't remember much else.  I think everything was pretty standard, 100% English, ect.  This is where we were when the announcement was made about the big priest swap.  By the way, that begins July 1st in the Diocese of La Crosse.  A whole lot of new faces for Masses next Sunday. 

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