Most Sacred Heart of Jesus Church, Almena, WI

Are there any beautiful churches left in the Diocese of Superior? Yes!
Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Almena, Wisconsin. Almena is just a stone's throw away from the Casino in Turtle Lake and well worth a visit when "gamboling" in the area. Holy Mass is at 8:00 am Sunday; and that would be your best bet to see the glorious interior that has been left virtually intact since its construction in 1904 by German immigrants.

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Brianne Duncan said...

This is my home parish!!! Such a beautiful church. It is such a privelege to be able to attend mass there. It would be beautiful to see a high Latin mass celebrated there. Just one correction: Sunday mass is celebrated at 8:30a.m., not 8a.m. as stated in your above post. One thing though...that beautiful confessional you see by the door...doesn't get all! Well, I guess it does get used but it gets used for housing folding chairs...But despite little "issues" I have with my beloved parish, I am just completely grateful this church was not lost like so many other church's were when they were being "modernized." Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures of my church!