Milwaukee Fr. Jose Moreno to recieve award and Look At That Church!

Father Jose Moreno serves as pastor of Our Lady of Guadalupe/St. Patrick Catholic Church
But over the last 11 years, he's become well-known in Milwaukee as the popular but low-key pastor of Our Lady of Guadalupe/St. Patrick Catholic Church, a heavily Latino parish on the city's near south side, where Sunday masses are packed.

On Friday he will receive the Hispanic Heritage Month Award from the Roberto Hernandez Center at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee for his outstanding work in serving the community.

"In his life, serving his parishioners and people in need, and in helping the Latino community, he's done a lot to bring dignity to many," said Enrique Figueroa, director of the center. "He's truly living the life of a Jesuit."

In addition to his Masses, homilies and classes for parishioners, Moreno started a prison ministry and visits Latino inmates at the Milwaukee County Correctional Facility where he says Mass. On Fridays he goes to Waupun and Dodge correctional institutions to minister to prisoners there.

He's also started a support group to help the families of the incarcerated.

It looks like the church used to be called Holy Trinity until a merger in the 60s or 70s.

Holy Trinity is the third oldest Roman Catholic Church in Milwaukee and was created to serve immigrants from southern Germany and Austria who had settled at Walker's Point, now South side Milwaukee. 
 I couldn't find any more shots of the interior though.


Badger Catholic said...

I don't think that bottom photo is correct.

Mark F. Scheuerell said...

My Great Uncle Rev. Leo Scheuerell said his First Holy Mass at this church in May 1911 and was buried from this same church in 1934. If I recall correctly my great-grandparents John and Anna Scheuerell also donated funds for a window in the southeaster section of the church. I wish I knew what year that window was installed. Anyone know?

Mark F. Scheuerell said...

Sorry, sometimes I have no sense of direction! It is the NORTHeastern part of the church! (It's a wonder I don't get lost more often!)