Badger Catholic, T-shirt edition

Bishop William P. O'Connor at the Catholic Holy Hour,
at Camp Randall Stadium at the University of
- 1947
I want to thank Carolyn with St. Paul's University Catholic Center at University of Wisconsin for sending me this killa Badger Catholic t-shirt(below).  I came across these shirts a while back and she graciously offered to send me one for free!  I guess that's a perk of blogging.

Please support St. Paul's with your prayers and contributions if you are able. If you've been following this blog, you have seen the great work they are doing. 

It also seemed that I would need to spruce up the facial hair for a few shots.  And then when I realize how ugly I look, it only made sense to bring in an adorable little baby Badger Catholic girl to balance everything.

She didn't mention where a person could order a shirt though - maybe someone can chime in if they know.

Side note; I totally forgot to get a picture of drinking from my "Save the Liturgy, Save the World" coffee mug with the 'stache.  My wife knocks me over the head with a frying pan and shaves it off before I try to leave the house with it.


Virginia Zignego said...

Oh gosh she's gotten so big already! Super jealous on the shirt, btw.

Badger Catholic said...

They really do need online ordering for the shirt. She is big, and chompy.

Carolyn said...


Thanks for the St. Paul's shout-out - our whole staff just got back from our staff retreat where many good inspirations and plans were hatched to serve souls and draw students closer to the heart of Christ in the this semester and next academic year. Lots of good things to come!

Also, regarding the shirts: there aren't available for sale because there are so few left after the various ways students have gotten them! Matt got one of the last ones (it was something of a scavenger hunt).

But maybe someday in the future we can have all sorts of good swag available for purchase to show the Badger Catholic love!

Anonymous said...


Carolyn...please keep us posted if you should make more shirts....advance orders/paid in full might work? I'd be willing!

BC - You and BC baby girl both look good IMHO.

I like that photo better than your 'about Matt' photo, anyway.