WI Dems introduce Celebration of Contraception and Abortion Week

Sen Fred Risser is checking his calendar
SJR-61 was introduced by Senator Risser on February 10, 2012
      Bill History
      Relating to: recognizing January 22-28, 2012[for those confused, the theory is that this is meant for 2013], as reproductive rights awareness week.

(I can't figure out if he's not aware of how a calendar works, or if his age is getting to him. The bill's wording is a bit offensive in parts, but not atypical of current social thought.)
Here's the resolution:
Whereas, women comprise more than half of the population of the United States and are solely responsible for childbearing; and [PS. men are evil]

Whereas, women who plan their pregnancies are more likely to seek prenatal care, improving their own health and the health of their children; and [ie. women who don't use Planned Parenthood hate children]

Whereas, the United States ranks 30th in the world in its rate of maternal mortality and has one of the highest rates of maternal mortality among all developed nations; and [ROFL!!! BABIES WILL KILL YOU!!!]

Whereas, family planning services improve health care outcomes and wellness for women and families, access to family planning is directly linked to declines in maternal and infant mortality rates, and women who do not receive prenatal care are three to four times more likely to die after a live birth than are women who have received even minimal prenatal care; and [forcing hospitals to perform abortions makes "accidental abortions" a reality.  Let's face it, after Wisconsin Democrats have their way and mandate a (generous) two child policy, women will have to give birth in secret anyway.]
and so on...

What ever happened to worker and farmer rights?

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