A good weekend

Friday night I went out for some beers with the infamous David Palm, author of the favorite sidebar link of Catholic bloggers, the Catholic Beer Review.  He won the best beer competition and had an extra ticket to a pre-event to this year's Beer Wine and Cheese festival.  Free beer?  Yes please!  We both had a "Java Lava" by Pearl Street Brewery, quite good we both agreed.  Talked liturgy, technology, business, always good to chat with him.  I also explained that the Catholic blogosphere is void without his beerly input, and he agreed he needs to update his blog more frequently.

My wife and I made our way to Green Bay which seemed to confuse everyone that we would drive across the state for a pro-life talk. We also wanted to visit the Good Help Shrine and of course Lambeau Field which my wife had not seen before. Plus the grandparents were watching the kiddos.  I'll post the pictures this week(I started writing this Monday morning, hahaha).  I tried getting some photos of St. Francis Xavier Cathedral, but when we stopped to take a look around 11:30 am (on a Sunday) and it was all locked up.

Yes, I did sport the Badger Catholic shirt. 

And the Pro-Life Wisconsin dinner was great.  David Bereit is a fantastic pro-life speaker and gave Pro-Life Wisconsin a glowing endorsement. 

David Bereit

Also I made a quick stop by to visit some heretics.

Okay, I should get to work on these posts. 

A few items,
The Diocese of La Crosse named a new vocations director, a Fr. Al Wierzba who I've heard is very solid and is currently at the Newman Center at UW La Crosse(which is quite liberal).

Vatican to the UN: all parents have the right to homeschool

SNAP to share list of MN Catholic abuse victims


Anonymous said...

"which is quite liberal" - Do we always have to use political terms to describe the Church?

Badger Catholic said...

It's the quick way to describe a parish that is shaped in a circle, who rock the guitar and piano at Mass, and who's parishioners would react like Platteville Catholics if presented with the same situation. I'd be happy to dive into the topic sometime. Modernist might be more accurate but the term is used widely. Also social liberal could be used to be for contraception and/or same sex marriage.

Kourtney said...

Exciting new for the Diocese of La Crosse: FOCUS (the Fellowship of Catholic University Students) will be expanding to UW-La Crosse this fall! Get excited for 4 holy and orthodox Catholic missionaries to evangelize the campus!

Badger Catholic said...

Awesome Kourtney!

Kat said...

Mrs. BC is such a cutie.

Badger Catholic said...

I agree Kat :)