Madison Diocese statement: "Why would one not conclude that the Wisconsin State Journal is anti-Catholic?"

This past weekend, the Wisconsin State Journal chose to run a story on the sad events surrounding the closing of St. Mary’s School in Platteville.

Instead of reporting the facts as they are, the State Journal opted to turn one of the expressed reasons of Bishop Robert C. Morlino’s letter (that of “In charity and in justice, I must caution you most strongly that this cannot continue. I do this now in sincere hopes of avoiding the issuance of Canonical warnings [or penalties]”) into the exact opposite and the basis for their entire story.

The corresponding headline falsely reads “Bishop Morlino warns dissenters to stop — or else,” when no warning was given. Rather, his was an appeal to reasonable Christian charity, in a sincere attempt to avoid that very thing.

This careless and scurrilous misrepresentation of the bishop’s communication is only the latest in a series of stories that seek further to divide the Catholic Church, which it has done, in a seemingly systematic and consistent way, since Bishop Morlino’s arrival, almost nine years ago and even before.

Through distorting the truth, impugning the faith, and undermining the authority of the Church, the Wisconsin State Journal has succeeded in fostering needless discord among the faithful. The present occurrence is certainly among the most outrageous, when the opposite of the bishop’s intent was reported.

Why would one not conclude that the Wisconsin State Journal is anti-Catholic?


Anonymous said...

I agree. My wife and I used to subscribe to the WSJ, but finally canceled our subscription b/c we simply could not tolerate their form of yellow journalism any longer. Channel 3 from Madison isn't much better. Bill Wienke (UCC minister, former writer for the WSJ, guest contributor to Channel 3000) is as anti-Catholic as any person I've ever experienced.

From what I can tell from my vantage point in the pew, Bishop Morlino is a good, solid bishop who deserves the respect and support of the lay faithful.

Al said...

I agree with anonymous' evaluation of Bishop Morlino.
I am not surprized that the WSJ twisted what the Bishop did. I would agree they are anti-Catholic when it comes to authentic Catholicism. To the WSJ the dissidents up there in Platteville are the truth Catholics because they tow the same political line as the Journal does.
Bishop Morlino is, as I have said before, trying to clean up a long standing mess. I suspect he chose Platteville intentionally. In part, because of UWP being there, Platteville has a high number of liberal Catholics in Name Only. & I think Morlino's actions were to intentionally fire a warning shot letting them know that Catholic means being faithful to all the Church teaches.

Elizabeth D said...

The behavior of the parishioners is quite sad, sad too the State Journal siding with the 40% of the parishioners who petitioned for firing their priests, against the bishop, priests, and other parishioners. Even I had a dismaying experience with the State Journal. They quoted me in their article about the HHS mandate rally and then later the online version of the article got edited and my very Catholic quote was removed for apparently no good reason, so that now it is just Bp Morlino vs Planned Parenthood. Now that I have a blog I have written about it