St. Agnes Church, St. Paul, MN

After venerating St. Paul's relic at the Cathedral we headed over to noon Mass at St. Agnes, only a stones throw from the dome.  We attempted to make it to the 10 am solemn Mass, but I94 was half shut down, and it didn't work out.  It is hard to believe that more places do not celebrate ad orientem.  Mass was primarily in English, Sanctus and Agnus Dei in Latin plainchant.  But during the Liturgy of the Eucharist the priest faces with the people toward God.  Even in English it was beautiful.  This is the ideal Catholic parish.  There were lots of young families, children in the pews.  Fr. Ubel mentioned he will be done at St. Agnes and heading down the street at the end of June.  But before he does Abp. Nienstedt will be coming to St. Agnes for Mass and a Eucharistic procession.... they don't have their latest bulletin out on the website yet, maybe someone can help.  Was it June 10th for Corpus Christi I think?  I was in the back for the most part with a cranky baby. 


  1. I am planning on being in the area this coming weekend and will be attending the 10AM Latin Mass. Looking forward to it!

  2. We are parishioners of St. Agnes, and we are so blessed. Not only is June 10 the Feast of Corpus Christi, it is also the centennial celebration of the completion of St. Agnes. Archbishop Nienstedt planned on celebrating this beautiful Mass on June 10 prior to our being notified our faithful pastor, Fr. Ubel, is being appointed as Rector of the Cathedral of St. Paul. All altar BOYS and YOUNG MEN (no girl altar servers here) are invited to vest and join the Procession. After the Procession, all parishioners and altar BOYS and YOUNG MEN are invited for a group picture in front of the Church of St. Agnes, replicating a picture taken of parishioners who sacrificed so much to build beautiful and historic St. Agnes. Deo Gratias!

  3. "No girl servers here"? Now I know why I won't grace your door. Shame on you. Are not the women of your parish created equal?

    A male, a Husband, and a father of three wonderful girls.

    1. That is what is know as clericalism. Shame on you for teaching your daughters they have to act like priests to be loved by God and to be good Christians. 2000 years of beautiful, fully alive Christian women have lived powerful and history shaking lives without being "girl servers." The oppressive burdens you lay on women is shameful.

    2. Bravo! I know this reply is a year late, but I loved your reply! This faux feminism that says women are only accounted as equals if they are permitted to function as males is absurd. Let girls be girls. They're powerful components of the church, and their femininity compliments the masculine character of the Liturgy and Church Life without them running around trying do everything men traditionally have been doing in the church.


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