St. Peter's Catholic Church, Stevens Point, WI

This will be my last post pointing out that I was in Stevens Point this week, promise! We're doing a video, interviewing people who participated in 40 Days for Life in Stevens Point. Watch for that in the near future. We filmed in the basement/cafeteria of St. Peter Church in Stevens Point. I've never heard of the church before but I am so glad it was recommended as the filming location. Pictures! I took a lot... 

4-5 years ago, this church was renovated as well. The carpet was removed and the floor you see now was installed.

Stained glass window in Polish.

Commemorating Pope John Paul II's visit to the parish, when he was Bishop of Poland and wanted to see an authentic Polish parish.

I was with Jen from the Servants of Our Lady of Guadalupe and she found history books on the parish. I took these photos with my phone, I found them interesting:) As of 1951, the date of the last book I found, St. Peter's was the largest church in the Diocese of Green Bay.

"Altar boys are singularly blessed boys. They are closer to the Blessed Sacrament in the church than any other person, excepting the celebrant of the Mass. " -- These books are definitely from another era!


  1. This is now in the diocese of LaCrosse, just for future reference. The blog post you had up earlier this year with the schola that sang in Rome was from this church also!

  2. Sadly St. Pete's is not as traditional under the new pastor. My family has finally followed many others that have fled. The last straw was when our daughter was forced to go face to face for her first confession.

  3. Anon, I've heard many sad tales about how this once thriving parish was dismantled. I'd like to do a post on it, so if anyone would like to send me information please have them send it in and they can remain anonymous.


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