Marquette professor declares "bishops are the schismatics"

Daniel Maguire, the theology professor at Marquette University, seems to like getting media attention. He certainly gets it… often! And his friends in the media are more-than-willing accomplices.

Last month, Maguire wrote in an email to The Daily Beast. “The bishops will stand with Dolan and the U.S. Catholic Conference, but on this issue, they are in moral schism since most in the Church have moved on [to] a more humane view on the rights of those whom God has made gay.”

Now, a month later, having been out of the news for a while, he’s quoted in The Columbus Dispatch: “There’s a moral schism going on in the Catholic [C]hurch, and the bishops are the schismatics, broken from the laity and theologians.”
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We should start a Danny Maguire Award for quotations of public figures which directly contradict the truth.  Like simply claiming that "The sky is not blue" or "Canada is a great place to live" will win the award... Dear Canadians, I kid, I kid!  If Maguire accused Marquette of covering up pedophile Jesuits, how quick do you think they'd be able to get around that whole tenure thing? 


Unknown said...

How does that heretic keep getting ink? How do the Jesuits keep getting away with the scandal that they are for Catholic laymen and -women. Millions are in jeopardy of eternal damnation because of evil people like Maguire.

Cassandra said...

Actually, Maguire has a point.

The Bishops have been rather schismatic in their refusal to exercise their authority to remove such professors. For all the complaint about Maguire, the greater sin is with the Bishops.