Cor Jesu, Institute of St. Joseph, Boyd, WI

Last night I was having an online conversation with Sr. Petra and realized I wholly forgot to post pictures from my visit to Cor Jesu Oratory during the Octave of Pentecost.  Not familiar with the Octave of Pentecost, here's the background.  Everything was beautiful and I wish I could attend more often.  It's a little way east of Chippewa Falls, here's the location on Google if you would like to attend.  I was staying in Chetek so it was a bit of a haul, but worth it.  Fr. John Mary(nazarethpriest) used to be a regular out on the blogosphere, but has since I think spent most of his time on iconography and prayer. Sister told me that they have a formation series in place for the Year of Faith and the first meeting is Sept 8, then October 22.  The lay members or associates meet once a month during the school year and then for 2 days in June for retreat.  Contact them for more details.  The Institute of St. Joseph is a diocesan institute so they I'm sure appreciate any donations that come their way as they don't have any additional resources beyond this one location.  They also run Nazareth Studio where icons can be purchased.  In fact, I think Fr. John Mary did several of the icons at the Guadalupe Shrine. 

Cor Jesu Oratory
31350 Cty Highway MM
Boyd, WI 54726

Schedule(all TLM):
Sunday: 10:30 am 
Mon-Sat: 8:30 am


Terry Nelson said...

You live in the holy land - you are fortunate to be so close to these holy places!

Unknown said...

Aunt Margaret Josephine Flynn was baptized there, if I remember correctly.