Daughters of Charity leaving Archdiocese of Milwaukee

Milwaukee Catholic Herald:
Over the years, gatherings to welcome and bid farewell have been common at the Lake Drive house on Milwaukee’s east side, home for the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul. Sisters arrived for their “missionings” at local hospitals, schools or prisons, and after a period of time they moved into ministries at other locations.

“You feel you are called to each place,” said Sr. Jean Maher, a Daughter of Charity. She and three sisters live in the home now, but they are packing and emptying the residence as they prepare to leave on Aug. 20 – the same date the first Sisters of Charity arrived in Milwaukee in 1846.

Sr. Louise Gallahue, the visitatrix for the Daughters of Charity St. Louis Province, cited the decrease in the province’s number of sisters available to staff ministries as the major factor in the decision to have the Daughters leave Milwaukee.

The Daughters’ reassignments also follow their constitution and national trend in their ministry to consolidate where there is the greatest need.

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  1. IrisihRyan15@aol.comAugust 23, 2012 at 8:35 PM

    Big surprise.Do they look like nuns to you.They probably have not seen a vocation since 1964.Lets Pray the Pope decides to refound some of the major orders like the Daughters of Charity and Sisters of Mercy so we might see sisters in Catholic hospitals again.St Louise pray for your order!Ryan


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