Mythgard: Get a degree in Tolkien Studies! No really.

A sample of Tolkien's Elvish script.
Hat tip to K who recently became a Mythgardian!  As she states:
Are you a lonely Tolkien fan, too? Do you want to take awesome classes like "The Story of The Hobbit" were you get to read all the manuscripts and typescripts of the book, or Latin, or classes on Arthurian Lore? Well, go and sign yourself up for some nerdy good time then! Classes can be audited or taken for credit.
From Mythgard Institute's website:
The Mythgard Institute is dedicated to making a rigorous, dynamic, and interactive educational experience possible for students around the world through the latest online course tools

Mythgard offers challenging, engaging classes, taught by world-class teachers and leading scholars. The Institute encourages collaboration and intense discussion and works to foster an environment of critical thinking.
We believe in studying what we love, and sharing it with all those who wish to learn.
We aspire to be an organization that will support and facilitate teaching and research in Tolkien studies, fantasy literature, and related fields into the twenty-first century.

Visit Academics to review our current and upcoming courses – and discover new opportunities for studying the authors and works you love.


Kathryn said...

I am already signed up for Tolkien's World of Middle should take it! At least audit would be so fun!

Badger Catholic said...

I know..... but I haven't even read the Silmarillion yet!

Al said...

My only question is how will they treat the religious themes & their basis in Tolkein's Catholocism.

Cassandra said...

Who is this Tolkien guy, and why the fascination with make-believe? Isn't there enough escapism in our world already? How is escaping into fantasy going to help in combating the real evil in our world?

Badger Catholic said...

ROFLOL! Cassandra, you crack me up!!

Anonymous said...

With a name like Cassandra I would think that you would be a little more open to what the world has to offer. Life is not all problem solving or combatting evil. If you don't know about Tolkien, there is a large hole in your experiencing of life and the world.