Fennimore, WI church interior restoration project

BEFORE (as it is now after the ’70s wreckovation):

AFTER (as it will be):

Fr. Z has the details

Check out the original(1910)!


  1. Another example of Bishop Morlino's efforts to restore all aspects of the diocese to what they should be.

  2. Does anyone know who is going to make the new high and side altars? thx...

    Alan Lins

    1. Gunder Church Furniture from Humboldt, IA.

      Fr. Miguel Galvez

  3. That church has looked the same as long as I can remember. It will no longer feel like my church, then again not much about the church feels like my church anymore. Feeling a little sad.

  4. What happened to the original furnishings in the church? (altar, reredos, pews, ect.)

  5. .......such a shame that we americans always have to wreck things that are old and historical....imagine how dull European countries would be if they had destroyed their historical buildings. I'm glad to see this church is being restored back to it's original aspects (but still not as beautiful as the original was)


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