Salzmann Library, Milwaukee, WI

My apologies to Mark Schrauth of Salzmann Library, I've been meaning to post on this for a while but kept getting sidetracked.  Mark also blogs for the Milwaukee Catholic Herald, you can check it out over there
The current building was built in 1908, although the collection itself started with the founding of the seminary in 1856, and the building is named after Fr. Salzmann, who was the rector of the library from 1868-1874 but also was influential in his trips back to Europe to raise money to build the seminary, as well as books to be donated to the library.

We are also part of a consortium named Switch, which includes 8 libraries in the Southeast Wisconsin area. These libraries include us, Sacred Heart School of Theology, Alverno College, Mount Mary, Wisconsin Lutheran College, Concordia, Cardinal Stritch, and Milwaukee Institute for Art and Design. The pamphlet has more information but if you have a library card from us or any of those libraries, you have access to all of the other collections in the consortium. 

An expanding audio and visual collection. A large Faith Formation section of children's books. Anything you might be wondering about in regards to the Catholic Church. A large collection of Milwaukee and Wisconsin historical titles, both general and ecclesiastical. Over 70,000 titles (mostly religious), including a large portion that are unique to Salzmann Library in Southeastern WI. Used books for donations.

The library’s mission statement is “Through its library services, the Seminary also extends its resources to the Archdiocese and to the wider Church.” So we have been here for the Catholic community…we are now trying to remind them that we are here.

Wed., Fri., & Sat.: 10 - 4
Tues. & Thurs.: Noon - 8

Free wireless available
Study tables and areas available
Our Catalog is online –
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I hope to stop next time I'm in town.

Some photos here.


Anne said...

Thanks for posting this Matt! The Salzmann Library is my all-time favorite place to browse for books. The librarians are wonderful and they never fail to help me find whatever I may be looking for! Love it!

JoshD said...

The Salzmann Library is an excellent library. I admit I was a little disappointed when comparing it to the other two seminary libraries I know well (Notre Dame Seminary in New Orleans and the library at the Catholic Theological Union in Chicago), it still is a wonderful little treasure for o
our area.

I usually have a Lenten routine of heading down to pray with the 40 Days for Life team and then scooting down to Salzmann Library to browse the "for sale" and "free for the taking racks" and to use the regular collection when needed or desired.