Dickeyville, WI Grotto

Earlier this year, I was driving to Iowa for work, and I saw a sign advertising the Dickeyville Grotto. Built between 1925-1930, the Grotto is next to Holy Ghost Parish in Dickeyville, WI. It consists of a series of shrines built out of donated shells, colored glass, minerals, colorful rocks and other similar materials.

Holy Ghost Parish in Dickeyville
I had a heavy heart because my trip came the day after Kiley Hackl passed away and as my grandfather was in the midst of passing away. I took a look at the clock and, running ahead of schedule, stopped to visit, praying a Chaplet of Divine Mercy amid snow flurries and a biting wind.

Shrine to Jesus Christ, King of Heaven and Earth

Shrine to the Sacred Heart

A look at the grounds

An up-close look at the stones of the Grotto
As I walked through the series of shrines, one blew my mind--a shrine featuring Christopher Columbus and Abraham Lincoln. It turns out that this "Patriotic Shrine" was built to combat accusations that Catholics' devotion to the pope prevented true patriotism. 
The Patriotic Shrine

I'm definitely a fan of the Dickeyville Grotto and would love to be back in nicer weather. If you'd like to go, the Shrine is in Dickeyville, just off Highway 151. 


James K Savonarola said...

awesome! Im not saying Im against the "Patriotic Shrine" but shades of early Americanism anyone? Thanks for bringing this up

Angie said...

Come in the summer...outdoor stations, church garage sale in the basement, and they have tour guides and flowers! While you are down here...be sure to stop at some of the Venerable Fr. Mazuchelli sites!