St. John Cantius parish, Chicago, IL

I long have been impressed by the St. John Cantius parish website actually, an impressive and tasteful design, and also their videos at  The parish is run by the Canons Regular of St. John Cantius, an order which basically started to staff and minister at this particular church. 

Mass was Ascension Thursday in the Extraordinary Form.  Confessions were heard during Mass with big lines.  I did not get back to my seat until after the homily - which meant I failed to get a photo of the extinguishing of the Easter candle after the Gospel.  That was very cool, too bad it got jettisoned.  Mass was excellent, homily was good although I was in Confession for part.  Confession was very good, thorough, not passing me off quickly, I prefer that since I'm not great at doing my own examine.  Music was outstanding, I can't find what setting they were using now, I should have wrote it down.  I really know little about real church music so I try to make notes as I go. 

After Mass the Canons came out and chanted evening prayer(Ordinary Form in both Latin and English), it was magnificent, I got a couple cool pics of that as well.  If I lived in Chicago, you better believe this would be my home parish.

Also, not my greatest attempt at photography, some turned out, some I'm not wearing a shoe on one foot, or drinking with blurred vision.


  1. This parish is truly extraordinary in every way. The Canons are always most kind and cordial. If I lived in Chicago I would belong here as well.

  2. Ahhh the place of my first Latin Mass. Yes, it left me coming back for more.

  3. I'm glad you got to attend and feature both St. John Cantius and St. Mary of the Angels. They are both wonderful parishes and such blessings to the city of Chicago. I greatly miss living there!


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