St. Mary of the Angels church, Chicago, IL

Very beautiful. Looking for parking and trying to figure out how to get to the crypt chapel left my wife and I late for the daily Mass on Saturday(entering the front of the church, go to your left and look for a stairwell). The parish is staffed by Opus Dei priests and the daily Mass was well done. The lights were off in the main church so I struggled to get good photos. There was a steady growing number of Hispanic families who were entering the church for what appeared to be a First Communion(on Our Lady's day, awesome!). You will also see a few different groups praying the rosary. It looks like there's a school attached, the grounds and neighborhood seemed pleasant and well ordered. The church is done in a similar style to St. Josaphat in Milwaukee, the "Polish cathedral" style (as a side note Josaphat in Milwaukee still surpassed all three churches we visited in Chicago).  Definitely had a feminine feel to it, many Franciscan references throughout(Our Lady of the Angels is a Franciscan devotion).  The double arches on either side also was cool.  The exterior is phenomenal, no question if you found a Catholic church when you catch sight over the rooftops. 

I think I forgot to wear a shoe on my right foot


  1. David NowaczewskiMay 24, 2013 at 1:46 PM

    This was my parish during law school. Great place, priests devoted to the confessional. I believe that this is the only parish in the United States staffed by Opus Dei. This church was slated for demolition in the early 90's and is featured in Steven Segal's "Above the Law" from 1988. Watch it, it is good friday penance!

  2. The priests of Opus Dei are very much attached to Our Lady and usually, if not always, end their homilies, meditations, recollections and so on with a reference and reverent ejaculation to the Blessed Mother.

  3. Beautiful photos. The parish was founded by Father Gordon, a Resurrectionist, who was inspired by Francis of Assisi.


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