Another look at the Miracle of Life Rosary Garden

Over the last two years, Matt has given you a couple of excellent posts about the Miracle of Life Rosary Garden in Pine Bluff, WI. The Rosary Garden serves as a burial place for miscarried and stillborn babies at St. Mary's Parish, right next to the cemetery. It was built in 2010 after Laura and I held a public burial for Gianna, the first baby we miscarried.

But while we've covered this location, we haven't done much in the way of pictures. While attending Fr. Rick Heilman's 25th anniversary celebration, we of course went to spend some time at the Rosary Garden with the two children we now have buried there. It's a beautiful place, and I recommend a pilgrimage there for anybody--but especially those who have lost children to miscarriage.

The statue of Mary and Jesus sits atop a small hill covered in flowers and featuring a waterfall.

St. Michael slaying a demon.

The first of our miscarried children, Gianna's grave.
The grave of our second miscarried child, Gerard Francis. For some reason this picture is displayed upside down no matter how many times I edit it. [I think I fixed it - Matt]

A beautiful bronze statue just outside of the Rosary Garden provides a wonderful place to pray. This pre-dates the Rosary Garden.
A few years before the Rosary Garden was built, the local Knights of Columbus created this memorial location to the victims of abortion. This is located just to the side of the Rosary Garden.

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