JS: Cardinal Dolan calls on Milwaukee Catholics to embrace Church, despite flaws

New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan called on Milwaukee-area Catholics Thursday to embrace the church as their spiritual family — despite its flaws — and to fight those forces in the secular culture that would seek to destroy it.

"Are you prepared to defend your faith from those who would take it from us?" Dolan asked an enthusiastic and near-sold-out audience at the Milwaukee Theatre.

"These liberators might be the late night talk show hosts, classmates of our kids ... or editorial page journalists who misunderstand the beauty of our Catholic faith," he said. "Are we prepared to engage them ... to live and die for the church? That, my friends, is apologetics. And that, my friends, we need more than ever."

The former archbishop of Milwaukee and one of the nation's most influential American prelates was the featured speaker for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee's 10th annual Pallium Lecture series, which he founded during his tenure here. Thursday's talk, which stressed the beauty and mystery of the church, as well as its sins, gave local Catholics insight into Dolan's role as the Vatican's point man for what it calls the new evangelization to spread the faith.
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Note well: "Archbishop Jerome Listecki started the evening with a prayer service, which with the choir took on the air of a high liturgy."

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Cardinal Dolan charms big crowd at Milwaukee Theatre: Charles Benson reports.

A standing ovation welcomed New York Cardinal and former Milwaukee Archbishop Timothy Dolan and back to Wisconsin


Anonymous said...

Regarding what the choir sang, I'd be curious to hear from someone who attended. Was it high baroque, or high Marty Haugen?

I wouldn't read too much into the "high liturgy" line. I doubt the author of the JS article knows what a "high liturgy" really is. They could have sang 'On Eagles' Wings' or 'Lord of the Dance' really elegantly. (haha) Who knows... maybe I'm wrong, but I doubt it was Latin Mass high liturgy. Neither Listecki nor Dolan are in that camp.

Badger Catholic said...

I'd take chanted Evening Prayer(LOTH) in English as a good sign.

I agree though, I'd love to know to what Annysa was referring.

Cassandra said...

What I want to know is whether ++Dolan is ready to live and die for the Faith.
A little leadership by example would be appropriate.

Anonymous said...

That's our Tim....everything is a joke...hardy har har.....The people from Milwaukee, who know their Faith and love the Church are not fooled by him. He was mean and nasty towards any kind of traditional Catholicism. He is nothing by a shallow opportunist.....and still all of Weakland's people are in place in Milwaukee. When will any change come???

Terrence Berres said...

The specifics in the program regarding the music were:

Gathering Song: Lord Whose Love in Humble Service; Text Albert F. Bayly (1901-1984); music from William Moore's The Columbian Harmony (1825);

Psalm 72, Justice Will Flourish in his [sic] Time, Michel Guimont;

Prayer of the Faithful: Trilingual Intercessions, Mike Hay (1953-1999);

Closing Hymn: We Are Your People, Text (1994) Herman G. Stuempfle, Jr. (1923-2007); music Ralph Vaughn Williams (1872-1958);

Badger Catholic said...

Thanks for the follow up!