St. John the Baptist church, Marshfield, WI

Visually, it's probably in the top 3 of churches in the La Crosse Diocese. Musical approach was that of the four hymn sandwich, but I must say the choir has very good execution. I found out later that they have begun some training on chant, I wasn't sure if it was English or Latin, but either way the choir definitely seems talented enough to handle either (I think chanting English is harder than Latin most of the time). I should try to write these things down right afterwords, I'm sure I always forget when I do this two weeks later. There were a couple good hymn selections (no sighting of All Are Welcome), I think piano accompaniment for a few and I think piano for the Gloria, Sanctus, Agnus Dei. Some of the prayers were intoned. The pastor and associate are two of the best and brightest in the diocese. They are having a parish mission in the spring with Chuck Neff and Fr. Rick Heilman. The altar pieces are the original, around 100 years old, they are in the process of cleainging and touching it up. I would love to check it out after it is completed.  The parishioners refused to let any priest come in and gut the church, Deo gratias!  If you are in the area, definitely worth a visit.  

PS> Not my greatest photos, but I didn't think it was appropriate to whistle and point to the door to get the parishioners to skedattle.

The original communion rail is still in tact and in storage


Terry Nelson said...

The Communion rail is beautiful.

Johnthgr said...

What are the other top contenders in the LaCrosse diocese for beauty?

Badger Catholic said...

A good topic for a post. Top contenders off the cuff, this church, Independance, St. Mary's Cashton, maybe SPSP Rapids, SH Pine Creek, gotta include Institute in Wausau, I haven't seen them all(although that's the goal). Whenever I get a good tip I plan a trip(I've driven past Independance a bunch of times, I've gotta stop one of these times) .

It is seriously my goad to takes photos of every Catholic church in the state(or at least by proxy).

Johnthgr said...

The only one on your list I have visited is St Mary's at rural Cashton. Sts. Peter and Paul in Independence is pretty based on photos. I have heard St Peters in Stevens Point has a following, but do not know first hand. The chapel at the Franciscan convent in LaCrosse will just about take your breath away.