The Basilica of St. Mary, Minneapolis, MN

I stayed up in the cities after Argument of the Month and renewed my Total Consecration(the "feast" of Our Lady of Good Help).  I have pictures and a recap of that, maybe tomorrow.  A beautiful church and other than the piano and table altar seems to be intact.  ... Maybe they have problems with people coming in there and causing trouble, I got the impression that we were being watched the whole time which was a little weird.  Oh, there are the posters on the sides as well which give an indication of parish life.  But I love how it is laid out, with the apostles looking up at the virgin, the stunning statues of the angels near the organ - I'm not sure if it's used or not.  We did not attend Mass there so I can't comment on the liturgy.  Absolutely worth a visit if you are in the area

Why not just put the piano in the center of the sanctuary?

Alright, so the bonus.  How about some stunning confessionals lining the sides of the basilica?  I really couldn't believe it, I mean, there's clearly so many rooms and offices down below and the whole rectory.....   Even if you don't use them and use the reconciliation room downstairs, at least leave them maintained for historical interest.  The window on the front said "Veritas."

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    1. St. Francis of Assisi, it's a little kitschy, but I guess not terrible(I like how it depicts the events of his life, I think misses some of the more important ones and substitutes friend of animal ones instead). There's a close up in the flickr set.

  2. In regards to the placement of the piano; It likely has to do with acoustical considerations and separation and distance from the cantor.

  3. Wow! Beautiful pics of a beautiful church. Interesting how the altar "table" and the piano add nothing to the setting.


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