Institute photos from Cdl Burke's Wausau visit this summer

Only on the Japanese website?

Cappa.  Deal with it!

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Anonymous said...

It's hard to think of something more absurd looking, and less relevant to the faith, than a Cappa Magna.

Badger Catholic said...

You must have missed the "deal with it" instructions. Maybe some sweatpants would have been better. I would think someone who complains at every Cardinal Burke post on this blog would at least be so bold as to use their real name.

Christ is King of the Universe. He is robed in glory. Priests and bishops in particular stand in persona Christi. Us peasants use the goods of this world to make known the heavenly realities. Us peasants assumed that's what liturgy was about.

Badger Catholic said...

Dear commenters, you can't rant and rave like lunatics and expect your comments to get approved. Have a real comment, something constructive, and you can have it approved. I don't approve all kinds of comments from liberals and traditionalists. Shallow personal attacks by anonymous commenters are deleted every time whether they target Cardinal Burke or Archbishop Weakland.

Here was the last:

the11/13 coment person is not the only one who "complains" about Cardinal Burke posts ...but you have not posted some I have sent.. So many of the posts are about Cdl. Burke romping around in the U.S.---things must be quite uncomfortable for him and his "style" in Rome (where his job/office are) these days.

I'll just say plainly. If you bitch on every Cardinal Burke post, I'm just not approving any negative comments at all. I'm not opposed to negative comments about the Cardinal either, only those which are anonymous and are not related to the topic. Constructive comments get approved. The cappa comment above actually relates to the post, although I specifically asked the comments to not be another round table on the cappa which have been repeated ad nauseam everywhere on the blogosphere.

Terry Nelson said...

Oddly enough - I think it is magnificent and totally appropriate for the setting. (Talking about the cappa.)

Cardinal Burke is far from pompous and ostentatious. I wish every city had such a beautiful church and opportunity to assist at Mass with such solemnity. Burke embodies charity and kindness - he enriches the spiritual worship of the faithful whenever he officiates.

I sometimes make fun of cappas, mainly because they are so counter cultural in a secularized society, and because some people who seem to live for pomp flaunt it, but the cappa magna is part of our patrimony, our tradition. Nothing wrong with that.

Badger Catholic said...

Thanks for the thoughts Terry. It is a Confirmation Mass; it seems like an appropriate place for the acting bishop to be vested in a formal manner.

Badger Catholic said...

Anon, I'll do a post to reply to your bountiful list of grievances against the Cardinal.