Diocese of Madison rejects Common Core

via WisSJ
Catholic schools in Madison will not adopt the Common Core State Standards, according to a statement by Bishop Robert Morlino and superintendent Michael Lancaster of the Diocese of Madison that was circulated Wednesday. Rather, he said in a letter to parishoners, “our parish elementary schools will continue to use our own, diocesan academic standards.”

The announcement concluded a two-page letter outlining Catholic schools’ overall high academic performance when compared to national averages, for which the bishop credited the diocese’s current academic standards for curriculum.

Wednesday’s announcement follows another rejection of the standards for Catholic schools earlier this month by Bishop David Ricken of the Diocese of Green Bay, who said schools there will not “adopt or adapt” the standards. However, he said if public schools’ performance surpasses theirs, the diocese will revisit the idea.
And so Superior has also adopted Common Core a few years ago - at least in part, and I'm not entirely sure on La Crosse, I think they have adopted at least part as well.  Let me see if I can find details online.   

So tentatively, this is what Wisconsin looks like - This only applies to diocesan schools, the independent classical style Catholic schools can continue to use the tried and true method of Catholic education.

Madison - Diocesan 
Green Bay - Diocesan
Superior - Common Core
La Crosse - Common Core
Milwaukee - Common Core



Wisconsin Constitutionalist said...

We are circulating a petition asking the Archdiocese of Milwaukee to reject Common Core. Please share! http://www.thepetitionsite.com/176/132/362/end-common-core-in-the-milwaukee-archdiocese/

Anonymous said...

you should not be so quick to trust the joint statement from Morlino and Lancaster. Read the accompanying FAQ and look at the standards - the schools will still be using CCSS-aligned textbooks, and the diocesan standards look suspiciously similar to CCSS. So what exactly are they leaving out? What of CCSS has been dropped? This is unclear. Will algebra be taught in 8th grade, or moved to 9th grade ala Common Core? I think this is just losing the name but keeping the process. Wolf in sheep's clothing. I think it's a marketing sleight of hand, not an actual substantial change. And judging from the headlines garnered, people are buying it. but be not fooled - the diocesan standards that are "not Common Core" are in no way as rigorous as those standards in Catholic classical schools. Bishop Morlino, don't trust the professional educator class!

A friend from Texas