St. Blaise, ora pro nobis!

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St Blaise in Switzerland

Icon of St Blaise with St Paul

(Basilica of the Fourteen Holy Helpers)
in Bavaria, Germany

St. Blaise is one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers.  For those of you with German roots, the 14HH devotions carries a special place.  The story goes like this....

The year was 1445, when the shepherd of the monastery Langheim (in Lichtenfels), Hermann Leicht, 24 September against the evening in a field, a crying child appeared. As he approached supervention wanted, the child was gone. In a second vision, he again saw the child, but now on both sides of each candle. The following year, on 28 June 1446, he again looked at the child, this time with a red cross on the heart and surrounded by fourteen children, all dressed alike, half white, half red. The child at the center told the shepherds: 'We are the fourteen helpers and want to have a chapel, also graciously rest here. " In response, the crowd of children disappearing into the clouds. On the report of the shepherd to the monastery was built in the same year at the site of the apparitions of the cross. A few days after the last appearance of the shepherd, a first miracle was announced: A terminally ill girl from Langheim was cured after receiving a complaint of the fourteen auxiliary saints. The news got around fast, and now more and more people seeking help came to Frankenthal, as the area around the future of grace Vierzehnheiligen

Br Stephen at Sub Tuum has some more great info for us.

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