Cardinal Burke and the 1998 conversion of one of "Wisconsin’s most outspoken gay activists"

UPDATE: The writer of the story asked that all text of the original be removed online from both this post and the original on Celebrate Life Magazine.  I have complied.  

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Recently we posted a story that has circulated on the internet about Cardinal Burke and the conversion of an active homosexualist.

Thanks to a gracious commenter, I found the true story of the gay activist's conversion.
You can read the story "Coming Out of Sodom" by Eric Hess in Celebrate Life Magazine 2011-09-29
The story is from 2011 but the actual conversion happened in 1998 in the La Crosse Diocese.  There may be other stories like this one but this seems to match the details of the original.

I would recommend reading the whole thing, I'll highlight a few details.
The full story is just as amazing.  Unfortunately, we find in this story that same spirit that pervades even Catholic institutions in the West.
What a terrible end to such a beautiful story!  We should remember that when speaking with people who suffer from same sex attraction.  Is there any group of people that is any more lied to than "gay" people?  I know "gay" people who don't believe in civil "gay" marriage.  But they cannot talk like that, they are even more viciously attacked by the homosexualists than ordinary Christians are!

Like Pope Francis, Cardinal Burke is one to reach out to common people.  I won't dive into it now, but for those who think that "Cardinal Burke lives in an ivory tower" say that because you "know people like him" not because you know him.  There are hundreds of stories like this which exhibit his loving pastoral approach. I would recommend learning a little more about him before condemning the man.



  1. Cardinal Burke is one of the holiest of cardinals and therefore also persecuted from within and without the Church. God bless him! His love for souls and for the Church and his courage to speak the truth with love gives a fine example of a true father and shepherd.

  2. Quiet a different picture from the "staunch conservative" one usually given in the press. He is a true "Father" with the "smell of the sheep".

  3. May God bless Cardinal Burke. Such a saintly man.


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