Roamin' Catholic Churches Chicago Advent Series

Here is the last stop for the 2014 Christmas season Chicago Church Chase. Here we have a parish like Sts. Hyacinth, Mary of the Angels, and Stanislaus Kostka, originally Polish. Like St. Mary of the Angels especially, this church came dangerously close to being shuttered in the late 20th Century and has survived. The biggest thing that makes this parish unique is that it has transformed into possibly Chicago's best known home for the Latin Mass. Take a close look up the aisle and you'll see that there is only a high altar here.
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He also did St. Mary of the Angels, St. Michael in Old Town , and the Basilica of St. Hyacinth.


Anonymous said...

Just a reminder - there's a beautiful church, here-and-there, on Chicago's South Side too (all the churches discussed are north of Madison Ave (the North/South dividing line in the Chicago grid system).

Attached is a photo from St. Margaret of Scotland on 99th Street (Bridgeport has some beauties including St. Mary of Perpetual Help as does Pilsen).

TAq said...

As an adopted Chicagoan; I think that St. John Cantius has something special regarding it's aesthetic, but don't overlook St. Clement! There are a couple of modern but striking churches too, St. Peter in the Loop, the Shrine of St. Francis Cabrini and my personal favorite the Loyola Chapel of Maria della Strada.

St. MIchael's is unfortunately very busy, and initially looks grandiose, but on closer inspection it's poor in both quality of materials and artistic merit.

The Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral is also a stunning building! Enjoy the city!

Badger Catholic said...

Thanks TAq, I'm putting all four on my list for next time I am in town.

I've been meaning to ask you, do you know of a good book on a "defense" of the "Novus Ordo?" I've been looking for something that explains for example the development of some of the Eucharistic Prayers. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing the post! Since I chose to go to mostly all Polish churches and all on the North and Northwest sides that day, I have to agree that there are visit-worthy churches all over the City. Since I make my blogging visits from Madison (and Wisconsin is supposed to be my intended focus), my Chicago visits are rather rare. Hopefully I'll make it down more often and shoot some more!

You may already know about this, and it is kind of pricey, but I would absolutely recommend Denis MacNamara's Heavenly City text that canvasses most of Chicago's churches and serves as a great tour guide for me.

You can preview it on Google here:

Badger Catholic said...

Excellent, I'm definitely putting MacNamara's book on my wishlist. I was not aware of it. Thanks!

F.A. Barber Jr said...

as a parishioner there, I would second St. Mary of Perpetual help in Bridgeport. IMHO one of the five most beautiful churches in Chicago.