Rorate: Attacks on Cardinal Burke by old-time feminists

In the distressing state of affairs with respect to faith in which we are compelled to live, where drinking bile seems to be a daily event, there are those who manage to pour out this bile in a public way and lash out with rancor against persons of adamantine churchmanship. Is it possible to throw stones, without any respect, against a cardinal with the Catholic and theological caliber of Cardinal Burke? Today it is possible.

Gianni Gennari did precisely this last January 30 in a vitriolic article published by Vatican Insider with the title “If Burke does not want altar girls”. Gennari was ordained a priest in 1965, held positions close to the positions held by Tonino Tatò (the founder of the “Movement of Catholic Communists” in 1943) , and of Enrico Berlinguer, whose secretary he became. Gennari married in 1984 after having been laicized. The strategy that Gennari contrived in his article is that of opposing the Cardinal, who holds high the banner of the perennial teachings of the Church, by a theological side-step to a secular mode and to feminist thought, and in this way making use of an obsolete progressive line of thought that promoted the idea that the Church was the enemy of women, understood as a category. It is well to remember that the classic examples of the hatreds disseminated by Communism involved man-woman, rich-poor.

The left has always played upon a forced contradistinction between men and women, obviously taking swipes against a Christian culture that is Christocentric and Marian, and such an ideological basis, which has even entered the Church, abolishes, with the false understanding of equality derived from Enlightenment thought, the harmony and the beauty of the complementarity of the opposite sexes that is desired and created by God.
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