Green Bay's St. Patrick church stands its ground

The names have carried on for probably as long as the distinguished structure itself.

"St Patricks" is scrawled across the bricks above the arched doorways at the front. In the back sits a sign that reads "St. Patricks," and just a little way down heavily traveled Ashland Avenue at the top of a message board with a four-leaf clover are the words "Saint Patrick's."

As for many of the parishioners, they simply call it "St. Pat's."

"Just habit, I think. It's easier," said Mickey Reed, a longtime member of one of Green Bay's oldest churches that goes by so many monikers.

What can't be altered or shortened to suit one's preferences is a rarely rivaled history. St. Patrick Parish — that would be its correct name — is 150 years old.
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Anonymous said...

Why was there no mention of the Institute of Christ the King having daily mass and two Sunday masses there? Are they trying to cover up the good things going on with the Latin Mass?

Badger Catholic said...

I had wondered the same thing but refrained from commenting.

Unknown said...

We Catholics believe poured and painted plaster has some inherently spiritual substance. I fail to be edified by such displays anymore. We'd do well to fast from graven images for a while to really figure out what's important.

Badger Catholic said...

LOL, spoken like a true iconoclast! Tell that to Moses.

Badger Catholic said...

God is an Artist.