Summorum Pontificum Turns Eight Today: St. Stanislaus Weekly Attendance

Dear Readers of Badger Catholic and fellow Philotheae!

I have recently joined Badger Catholic as a contributor. I am a local Catholic activist hoping to be an instrument in the restoration of all things in Christ! When not running around the Archdiocese of Milwaukee talking about Gregorian Chant or rambling about St. Francis de Sales, you may likely see me throwing around a Frisbee or hanging out at County Clare.

You may recognize some of my writing from Cream City Catholic, where I also contribute. When covering topics outside of the Cream City, I generally hope to add them here.

However, for my first post I want to draw your attention to a Milwaukee phenomenon, St. Stanislaus. The image in this post displays the combined average weekly attendance for the 8 and 10 a.m. Sunday morning Tridentine masses since 2007. That year marks the arrival of the Tridentine community at the historic Polish church. 60% increase in average attendance! Not bad!

For those looking to understand my writing and what motivates me, I will quote this excerpt from one of my favorite books, The Soul of the Apostolate, by Dom J. B. Chautard:

'With his deep understanding of the needs of the Church, Pius X often had views of rare accuracy. Happening to be one day amidst a group of Cardinals, the Holy Father said to them: “What is the thing most necessary at the present time to save society?” “Build Catholic schools,” said one. “No.” “Multiply churches,” replied another. “No again.” “Increase the recruiting of the clergy,” said a third. “No, no,” replied the Pope; “what is most necessary at the present time, is to have in each parish a group of laymen at the same time virtuous, enlightened, determined and really apostolic.”'

I hope to be such a layman that is part of such a group! 


Andrew K said...

St Stanislaus is such a blessing to the Milwaukee archdiocese!

Let's hope the growth continues, especially in light of the restoration project!

Badger Catholic said...

Great to have you aboard Adam!

Angie said...

Awesome quote!