Bp. Morlino: A word of caution about the Society of Saint Pius X

The 50 years since the close of the Second Vatican Council have been tumultuous for the Church. Forces both inside and outside of the Church tried to distort and exploit the council and the post-conciliar liturgical reforms to create a new Church after their own image.

Too many of us endured years of sloppy or irreverent liturgy and mushy or even unorthodox preaching and catechesis. Too often when we voiced our concerns we were ignored.

Most of the faithful Catholics who saw this happening fought hard for a “reform of the reform.” Sadly, others decided that the only way forward was to work outside of -- and sometimes against -- the hierarchical Church and its structures.

This was the choice made by the Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX), a worldwide society of priests best known for its strong opposition to the post-conciliar reform of the Mass. The Masses that they celebrate in their own chapels according to the 1962 Missal have attracted sizeable communities of the lay faithful, even here in the Diocese of Madison.

I want to be cautious and fair about the SSPX. Many of their concerns are legitimate. Many of their values and aspirations are admirable, and their zeal is impressive. Their priests wish to serve the Lord and His people. The people who attend their chapels are fervent.
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Terry Nelson said...

This is very clear - God bless Bp. Morlino.

thetimman said...

I actually think this is a really positive letter. Regardless of whether one is a pro-jurisdiction/faculties person or an anti-jurisdiction/faculties person regarding the SSPX, His Excellency treats the subject with care and respect, offers solid information without rhetoric, and elevates the entire tone of the matter.

That is pastoral leadership. That is a shepherd. If all bishops acted thusly, I don't think there would be any dispute for much longer, and the whole thing could be sensibly resolved.