Jim Gaffigan talks to Conan about upcoming performance for Pope Francis

CONAN: How did this happen?
Jim: six months ago I got an email inviting me to be as -- at this event in Philadelphia for pope Francis.
I thought oh, this is nice.
The Bishop of Philadelphia invited me and I thought this is great.
My wife is very catholic.
She's like a Shiite Catholic so she was thrilled.
And then a couple of weeks ago the organizers came that -- to a show I was going if -- doing in Atlantic City and they were like how long do you want to do it?
And I'm like oh, I'm performing?
Does he know English?
No, he doesn't.
It will be translated and then what I realized is that I'm going to be performing in front of the pope and over a million people outside in Philadelphia
CONAN: That's the most insane gig I've ever heard of before.
Jim: I keep thinking there's going to be a phone call where they're going to be like oh, we just watched your standup.
We're changing our minds.

No embed, but the video is good, go watch it there..... and Jim picks on ... admittingly Catholic Conan... who wants to know why he didn't get an invite:

Conan: I've heard nothing, my phone has not run.  I'm like super Irish Catholic!  I'm not there!
Jim: Well, how many kids do you have?
Conan: [shamefaced] Two...
Jim: Yeah....

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